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From the rich inheritance of the great masters of the 19th century, the Evans Gambit occupies a special place. Our forefathers' brilliant combinations, their. In the Evans Gambit (Games ) White does this directly with 4 b4, The Evans used to be considered as a swashbuckling attempt to attack at all costs. The Evans Gambit is an aggressive variant of the Giuoco Piano, The Evans Gambit Part - The search for the truth in the Evans Gambit.

Evans Gambit Pdf

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Evans Gambit PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Evans-gambit-pdf. An Introduction to the Evans Gambit. Richard Westbrook, 1. The Evans Gambit originated in the 's and for decades struck terror in the hearts of. The Evans Gambit was “invented” by Captain. William Davies Evans () in the. s. White sacrifices a pawn for rapid piece development. 4. Bxb4.

The opening was out of favour for much of the 20th century, although John Nunn and Jan Timman played some games with it in the late s and early s, and in the s Garry Kasparov used it in a few of his games notably a famous move win against Viswanathan Anand in Riga , , which prompted a brief revival of interest in it.


The most obvious and most usual way for Black to meet the gambit is to accept it with Bxb4, after which White plays 5. Ba5 Be7 and, less often Bc5 and Bd6, the Stone Ware Variation, are also played. White usually follows up with 6.

Emanuel Lasker 's line is Bxb4 5. Nxe5 Be6.

This variation takes the sting out of White's attack by returning the gambit pawn and exchanging queens, and according to Fine, the resulting simplified position "is psychologically depressing for the gambit player" whose intent is usually an aggressive attack. Chigorin did a lot of analysis on the alternative 9.

Qb3 Qf6 Bg5 Qg6 Bd5 Nge7 Bxe7 Kxe7 Bxc6 Qxc6 Nxe5 Qe6, which avoids the exchange of queens, but reached no clear verdict. Instead White often avoids this line with 7.

Qb3 Qd7 8. Bb6 or hold onto it with Alternatively Black can meet 6. Qb3, a move often favoured by Nigel Short.

Nge7 intending to meet 8. Ng5 or 8.

Qb3 with a very dangerous initiative for the sacrificed pawns. Alternatively Qe7 next time.

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Nxd4 exd4 9. O-O dxc3 Last book move.

Qb5 Bb6 Bg5 Nxc3 Ne7 Qg6 Fritz the fearless materialist gives Qc6 Qxc3 Qxe4 Nd2 Nxc3 c6 Rad1 d6 Rxd6 Ne7 Rb1 Ke8? Suspecting nothing.

Fritz still thinks Black is a little better after Qe3 h5 Rb1 Nh6 Qd3 b6 Qa6 Ka8 Nc4 Bc8 Qxa5 Qxd4 Qa2 Qxc3 Be3 Bb7 Bxb6 cxb6 Qxd4 Nf6 9. Qh4 Nd5 Qg3 g6 Rd1 Nd7 Bh6 Ncxe5 Nxe5 Nxe5 Nc3 f6 Qe3 Nxh6 Qxh6 Bf8 Nf4 Qe7 Nxc4 d6 9. Re1 Nbd2 d5 Qc2 Be6 Ne3 c5 Nxd5 Qxd5 Re5 Qd7 Nf3 Rac8 Qd2 Rfd8 Ba3 Bd6 Re2 cxd4 Bxd6 dxc3 Qc2 Bf5 Qd1 h6 Qc1 Qxd6 Rd2 Qf6 He can decline it with Nxd4 Bxd4 8. Bg5 h6 Bxe7 Qxe7 Nc3 Bxd4 Nd5 Bxa1 Qxa1 Rc1 c6 Ba2 Qa3 Nb6 d5 Nxa8 Kh8 Nb6 Be6 Rc3 Qb4 Rxc6 Rb8 Nxd5 Qxa4 Rc1 Qa3 Na3 exd4 Be2 Nf6 Bf3 d5 Nc2 h5 Ba3 Qd7 Ne3 Kb8 Rc1 h4 Qd3 f5 Nc3 Nf6 7.

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Nd5 Nxd5 8. Qxf3 d6 Be3 Bxe3 Qxe3 f5 Qxf4 Bd7 Rae1 Rae8 Bb3 Re7 Rxe7 Qxe7 Bc4 Re8 Bd3 g6 Kh2 Kg7 Rf3 Qf6 Rg3 Kf7 Kg1 Rg8 Rh3 g5 Qf2 Rg7 Re3 g3 Rxg3 Rxg3 Kh2 Qxd5 Be2 Qe5 Rhc8 Qb3 Qe4 White usually follows up with 6.

Subscribe to view the full document. Bxe7 Kxe7 Bc4 Bc5 4. Nd4 Qg6 E4 e5 2.