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When Maximilian Cale, The Duke of. Lyons, receives a cryptic note claiming his kidnapped brother who died years ago might still be alive. Maximilian Cale, the Duke of Lyons, accepted long ago that his kidnapped brother was dead. When a cryptic note from investigator Tristan Bonnaud claims . What the Duke Desires (The Duke's Men) [Sabrina Jeffries] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the New York Times bestselling author .

What The Duke Desires Sabrina Jeffries Pdf

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They are The Duke's Men—an investigative agency born out of family pride and What the Duke Desires ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Sabrina Jeffries. What the Duke Desires book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Maximilian Cale, the Duke of Lyons, long ago buried his grie. why customers keep coming you need a what the duke desires dukes men 1 sabrina jeffries, you can download them in pdf format from our website.

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Reluctantly, he stepped back. Or, as Maman would have called him … English. He might not look like a duke, but he certainly acted like one.

Then he caught himself and cast her a haughty stare. She forgot about his threat to call in officers, forgot about the early hour or what she was wearing. All she could see was another version of her other half-brother George, full of himself and his consequence. So good day, Your Grace.

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When she lifted her livid gaze, she found him staring at her with the merest hint of respect. I merely watched you shove it into your mouth. Then he nodded. And perhaps apt.

But I have good reason for my rudeness. If you will allow me in to explain, I promise to behave like a gentleman. The duke closed the door behind him.

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Alarm rose in her chest. If Tristan had been fool enough to come to England even with the price George had placed on his head years ago. No, it was impossible.

The last thing Manton Investigations needed was an officious duke barging in with a crowd of officers merely because he was up in the boughs over some foolish matter. The gossip alone would ruin them. But as she reached the bottom of the stairs and caught sight of the man, she skidded to a halt.

Because the fellow looming in the doorway beyond Skrimshaw did not look like a duke.


Oh, he wore the clothing of a duke—a top hat of expensive silk, a coat of exquisitely tailored cashmere, and a perfectly tied cravat.

This duke was neither.

Not handsome, no. His features were too bold for that—his jaw too sharply chiseled, his eyes too deeply set—and his golden-brown hair was just a touch too straight to be fashionable. But attractive, oh yes.

What the Duke Desires

It annoyed her that she noticed just how attractive. She was used to dealing with his sort—the worst thing she could do was let him bully her into revealing too much. In one savage glance he unveiled her age, family connections, and station in life, making her feel all that she was.

Those all-seeing eyes snapped back to her. Reluctantly, he stepped back. Or, as Maman would have called him … English. He might not look like a duke, but he certainly acted like one. Then he caught himself and cast her a haughty stare. Maximilian Cale, the Duke of Lyons, long ago grieved for his missing elder brother, Peter, who was presumed dead after being kidnapped.

But then a mysterious note arrives from Tristan Bonnaud informing the Duke his brother is alive.

Soon Max and Lisette travel to Paris posing as husband and wife, in search of Tristan, who has disappeared. The more time Max spends with Lisette, the easier it is for him to see that the line between dukedom and desire is easier to cross than he imagined… Check it out below. The silence stretched maddeningly between them.

What the Duke Desires

His unreadable stare made her feel the first tendrils of alarm. We agreed that I would help you find Tristan if you would let me go along. He just kept staring at her with a piercing gaze. An oddly compelling gaze. It was most unsettling.

I have to protect my brother.This leads him to Tristan's sister, Lisette. But what actually happened?

He was going to throw her in irons, just because she could do some acting in a pinch! Reluctantly, he stepped back.

Then he nodded. When Max confronts Lisette he is definitely acting like an arrogant duke and makes several really obnoxious remarks. She always dreams big. Sabrina Jeffries brings us another fast-paced, engaging, historical romance filled with danger, passion and unforgettable characters.