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The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle McDonald. 93 Pages·· KB· Downloads. rapid weight/fat loss and crash dieting, I imagine all. While eve care was taken during the production or this MagBook, the uoilshers cannot be held Mens Fitness The Ultimate. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. A Scientific Approach to Crash Dieting. How to lose pounds of fat and pounds of weight in 2 weeks. Lyle McDonald.

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle Mcdonald Pdf

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The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook is a scientific approach to quick weight loss that . “I downloadd Lyle McDonald's Rapid Fat Loss Handbook in hopes of losing a few . The Hardcopy + PDF bundle comes with a physical copy of the book along. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle McDonald. snandhni. Views. 4 years ago Rapid Weight Loss With 2 Week Diet. The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook-McDonald - dokument [*.pdf] The Rapid Fat of fat and pounds of weight in 2 weeks Lyle McDonald With.

Regardless, people are going to do it. Withthat realizationmade,I figure thattheleast thatcanbedone istomake surethatsuchcrash dietsare done as safely and as intelligently as possible.

All vegetables, all fruit, nothing but broth, that cabbage soup thing, just a lot of stupid, stupid shit. I understand human behavior when it comes to this stuff.

People tend to read diet books selectively, hearing what they want to hear and ignoring the rest especially the warnings. Once people hear just how much fat they can lose in a short period of time, they turn into dumbshits. Then they blame me. My recommendations are going to be very specific, you ignore them at your own risk.

There are several reasons for this. The second is a simple realization of fact: If you desperately must have a reference for something I wrote email me and I can probably dig it up. Or at least give you some pointers on how to find it on Medline. Page 6 http: Before I can answer that question and even to clear up what I suspect may be some confusion by my readers on the previous sentence , I have to cover a bit of physiology first. Weight versus fat: We could conceivably anyhow take them out of your body, plop them on a scale and find out how much they weigh.

Your total bodyweight is comprised of the weight of every one of those tissues.

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But only some percentage of your total bodyweight is bodyfat. Researchers and techie types frequently divide the body into two or more components including fat mass the sum total of the bodyfat you have on your body and lean body mass everything else. Of course, we know your total weight by throwing you on a scale. By dividing the total amount of fat into the total bodyweight, you can determine a bodyfat percentage which represents the percentage of your total weight is fat.

Researchers call the remaining pounds lean body mass or LBM. LBM is lean body mass, the amount of your body that is not fat. The other pounds is muscle, organs, bones, etc. Again, pounds of LBM. Most people fall somewhere between these two extremes.

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I bring this up as many if not most diet books focus only on weight loss, without making the above distinction. I should note that more current books have finally started to distinguish between fat loss and weight loss. Page 7 http: Maybe you start exercising too. But how much of it is fat? You could have lost fat or muscle or just dropped a lot of water.

Even a big bowel movement can cause a weight loss of a pound or two or more, depending. Surely he had no idea of my mental fortitude. After all, struggling to lean out for ripped abs rests upon the mountain top of first world problems. How my fat loss diet worked: There are various forms of a very low calorie diet VLCD , many of which have been studied under controlled conditions for hospital-based studies.

The Rapid Fat Loss Diet is a protein-sparing modified fast PSMF that places an emphasis on protein consumption to theoretically retain as much muscle as possible while losing fat. McDonald theorizes that when you eliminate carbohydrates and fats for fuel and rely only on protein, your body then more effectively burns fat by using existing fat stores to get energy.

I wonder how results would play out among more seasoned athletes. Most studies of this kind are done with overweight or untrained subjects. For my 10 day period, my daily calorie target was between kcal and kcal. My protein goal was at least g daily, which left me with little more than some spinach for carbs. What I quickly found was that nothing sucks the joy out of eating like having little more than meat and eggs to eat each day. My one bowl of plain Greek yogurt topped with Walden Farms calorie-free syrup became my holy grail of desserts.

I finally understood how people doing an intense fat cut for a bikini competition become enthusiastic about protein mug cakes: I made several. They tasted vaguely of cocoa and not of meat, so I became momentarily grateful. Dear Diary… Day 1 When I began the fast, I mostly felt hungry and a little depressed about having to miss out on my favorite foods for the coming week or so.

On day 1, my energy was fine. But by the end of the day, I was so hungry that I balled my fists in frustration. I ate my bowl of spinach and tuna and distracted myself with Netflix. Screw you, Instagram. Day 3 My energy was now waning, though with careful timing, I made it through my workout. I left the gym feeling a bit smug. I stumbled upon a few silver linings too as I discovered that egg whites scrambled with cinnamon and stevia become pretty tasty when topped with PB2.

Day 5 I looked at my husband with a mixture of sadness and disgust while he devoured an orange beside me, and he merely urged me to give up.

I then sullenly pointed out that he was a super unsupportive jerk, deeply inhaled the scent of the fruit, and huffed off to the living room.

An orange would definitely be the first thing I ate after finishing my fantastically dumb diet. Day 6 I became very tired… a kind of fatigue that I could feel deep within my bones. Unlike many, I had the luxury of doing most of my work from my house, and more frequently this week, from my sofa or bed. This was the day that I could begin to feel the crushing weight of the world fall upon my chest in the afternoon. Teaching my evening class became a Herculean effort.

Day 7 I sent out a newsletter to my followers. I asked him why. I could tell Jordan was politely informing me that my work was suffering. I normally catch everything or at least take the time to scour my writing before I shout it out to the world. My mind was foggier than a day in London town. I just sighed and went to bed after eating a tiny bowl of sugar-free Jello.

The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Lyle McDonald

Yes, this was my new daily dessert. And let me tell you, on a VLCD, that stuff is jiggly gold. Jordan emailed me, concerned about my welfare. I caved, breaking my vow to remain steely in the midst of my difficult yet completely self-imposed discomfort. My reply included a torrential downpour of strongly worded sentiments about how truly awful and stupid this diet really was. My coach always wins. On Day 8 I cried. For no good reason. Or is your beach vacation coming up and you want to look your best in that new bathing suit you bought.

Are you an athlete who needs to make a weight class without losing muscle or performance, or a physique athlete who is behind on their preparation and needs something that works quickly to get back on track?

Or are you like the rest of us, simply frustrated with the slow rates of weight loss that make you lose focus and interest and quit entirely? Maybe you just want to see some quick and motivating results to kickstart the same moderate diet approach that all of the experts is tell you the best. In a paper published in in the prestigious journal Obesity Research titled Lessons from Obesity Management: However, against this notion speaks numerous post hoc analyses of weight loss intervention studies showing that a greater initial weight loss, usually achieved in the first weeks of treatment , is associated with a better long-term outcome, i.

Elfhag and S. Rossner reached the identical conclusion, writing:. The greater the initial weight loss, the better is the subsequent outcome.

Such a predictor tells us that there is a consistent weight loss pattern from the beginning of the treatment. Initial weight loss can also reflect a better compliance with the treatment.

It has been noted that the findings on initial weight loss challenge the clinical opinion that weight loss achieved at a slow rate would be better. Which simply means that, when you look at studies on weight loss, the ones generating the fastest initial weight losses, over the first weeks gave the BEST results when dieters were followed years later.

But this is enormously dependent on how the diet program is actually set up. To be effective and safe in both the short and long-term a rapid fat loss diet has to be set up correctly. And it should go without saying that I set up my Rapid Fat Loss diet program correctly.

The diet did not disappoint, in just 10 days I lost 7. I am well aware of the nutritional needs of humans, and nearly every theory of dieting ever advanced. In addition, and more importantly, after just one month on the diet, markers of health…blood pressure, resting heart rate, cholesterol, triglycerides, among others…all went from really REALLY horrid to just about perfect.

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Truly amazing. Looking for a fast and easy way to lose weight?

There are plenty of so-called crash diets, but only one diet rooted in science and physiology allows you to do so safely without losing precious muscle mass and slowing down your metabolism — the Protein Sparing Modified Fast PSMF. In The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, Lyle McDonald has distilled this method with decades of research behind it into practical guidelines, with easy-to-understand categories depending on your starting point in bodyfat , weight and fitness level.

You will learn how to set up the diet, implement free meals and refeeds to not only maintain metabolism but also make the diet easier to follow.

Follow the guidelines in this book, where Lyle even provides you with free online resources on how to set up meal plans and an exercise program, and you will lose a lot of fat in a very short time while preserving muscle mass and strength.

Borge Fagerli aka Blade — Norway.


Let me introduce myself: But I believe in science and evidence. Lyle is a pioneer and one of the absolute best sources of science-based diet information in the industry.

Are You Ready Now? You will NOT receive download links but should be redirected to a registration page for access to your files. Some people seem to NOT be getting sent to that page if they are ordering on their phone. If that happens please contact me and I can get you added to the member database. Also note that you may receive an autoresponder saying that you are being sent print books. This is incorrect. This is a digital download ONLY. Thank you!

Crash dieting is not new. And all were set up simply horribly. Even if they worked in the short-term they did nothing but set the dieter up for a huge rebound weight gain when they were done. The science I showed you above finds, there are good and bad ways to crash diet and most of them are bad.

Set up correctly, rapid fat loss diets can be safe, effective and work BETTER in the long-run than more moderate approaches. Now I had many goals for my Rapid Fat Loss diet but three of the main ones were that it had to:.

The Truth About Crash Dieting. And in the long run, the truth works better than the converse. You may have some issues with hunger and it can be a little bit boring. But you know at this point that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is. My program takes some work but I can promise you that it does work.

I already told you a little bit about what the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook Program can provide in terms of results. It will do this while sparing the loss lean body mass, so critical not only to maintaining metabolic rate by also to looking good. As I mentioned, it also does this while ensuring complete nutrition for good health.

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I also showed you clinical research indicating that faster initial weight and fat loss is actually superior in terms of long-term weight losses but only if things are set up a certain way. In contrast, diets that were based around whole foods, included exercise, and worked at re-training people to eat in a better way were the ones that not only worked best in the short-term but also gave dieters the best long-term results.

The Rapid Fat Loss Program. First and foremost, the diet is based around whole foods.If you were using the Extreme Rapid Fat Loss diet to get into a wedding dress or tux for a formal event, you may not care about a slight spike in weight. Or at least give you some pointers on how to find it on Medline.

You're viewing: After the dust settled from my trip and illness, I found my scale weight was back to right where it was resting when I began my crazy, awful, no good, very bad diet. I finally understood how people doing an intense fat cut for a bikini competition become enthusiastic about protein mug cakes: My protein goal was at least g daily, which left me with little more than some spinach for carbs.

In roughly 8 weeks, B made rock star progress, losing 11 pounds while taking 2. From that perspective alone, losing faster than 2 pounds per week is considered unrealistic or unwise. Saul Flores.

The diet did not disappoint, in just 10 days I lost 7.