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taking-chances-molly-mc adams. 1. Taking Chancesby Molly McAdams; 2. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person. Taking Chances; Volume number 1. Taking Chances. by Molly McAdams. To read e-books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad Android.. ebook. Author: McAdams Molly. 17 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Taking Chances: Winning with Probability. Read more.

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He shook hishead, still looking confused and now a little stunned before he took off around the side of the house. This was going to be a long night. If I had any idea where we were, Id try to walk back to campus. I told you guys, shesoff limits!

Harper donttell them! I was completely mortified.

I wanted to be angry at her, but she could barelystay standing, I doubt she would remember any of this tomorrow. Looking up, I saw four guys standingthere staring at me with wide eyes before busting up laughing. I needed someone to kill me.

No,first I needed to get out of here. Then someone needed to kill me. Princess, is she serious? Was there something about me that justscreamed Give me a nickname? I couldnt even respond, my throat had closed up and I thought I wouldactually cry for the first time in years. Unhooking my arm from Breanna, I made a beeline for the frontdoor, intent on trying to find my way back to campus. I stopped when I realized Chase was blocking the Instead, his lips were mashedtogether and he was shooting daggers at his sister.

What was hedoing? I dug my heels into the carpet trying to scramble back in the other direction. Chase paused for a second, cussed under his breath and started forward with me again.


When wegot to the end of the hall he stopped in front of a door, and pulled out a key to unlock it before towing mein. When the light flipped on, I blinked until I realized we were in a bedroom, I gasped and tried evenharder to get out of his grasp. If I could just turn a little, I could have him on the floor in a few seconds. Get off me!

Once he did Iturned on him and backed away. He rolled his eyes and went to a drawer, after throwing a pair of basketball shorts at me he walkedback to the door. He bit his bottom lip, his eyes glued to my legs. I swear I wontmind it, I figured youd be uncomfortable though. Ill give you a minute to change, Ill be rightback. But top that off withthe few words youve even said that shows me just how snarky and sweet as hell you are, that is one hellof a tempting combination.

Trust me when I say theyre going to want to change what they just found outabout you. So if you dont mind, Id rather make sure that doesnt happen. I was standing there in his basketball shortsand Brees spaghetti strap when he walked back in and locked the door. She should be in here too. Youre gonna defend her after she just spilledthat? Im sure she didnt realize it.

Even the quick glance at hissculpted chest and abs had my heart racing. After he flipped off the lights, I felt the bed sink down fromhis weight and I sat up. Flipping the cover off me, I grabbed a pillowand sank down to the floor. I could feel his eyes boring into my back and afterwhat felt like an eternity, heard him sigh and the bed shift.

I wanted to ask for a blanket but was toostubborn to ask. Next thing I knew I was in the air. Put me down! We can even put a pillow between us if itll make you feelbetter. I grumbled and scooted to the edge of the bed. Obviously Ive never been in a bed with a guybefore, and the fact that he was inches away had my whole body shaking.

He put a pillow over his face to mufflehis booming laugh. Youre my new favorite! Im not like all those girls I saw you with tonight. Looking down I saw tattoostrailing down to a muscled forearm that was wrapped securely around my waist and gasped when Iremembered Id slept in Chases bed last night. I jumped out from under his arm and off his bed in a moveso fast it had my head spinning.

My heart took off again as I took in Chases shirtless body. His tattoosexpanded up his shoulders and for some reason I wanted to trace them with my fingers and splay my handsacross his well-defined abs and chest. Dear me, this man was gorgeous. Chase sat up cursing until he realized who I was. You almost gave me a heartattack. I thought I had a girl in here. That snapped me back to reality. My cheekswere bright red by the time he looked back up. I thought I banged a girl and let her stay here.

This is the only place that ismine, and Im not about to share it with them. When I got out to the living room I saw Breanna at the kitchen table with a housemate, as soon asthey saw me the conversation stopped. I hadnt known I could feel even more awkward, guess so.

Looking at me sheepishly, Bree stood from her chair and pulled me towards the living room. Brad just told me everything. I know we just met but Ive been looking forward to livingwith you and I cant believe I hurt you like that after just meeting you.

Ive heard enough stories that I figured you didnt know what you were doing. You should hate me. Although I was still humiliated, Id never been one to hold a grudge, and I wasnt about to start now.

I had wanted to come start a new life here, and even though I seem to have taken five steps back, I wasstill determined to make this the best experience ever. Embarrassing moment or not, its not like I had a lotof options here. Either let this get to me and cower away from people, or hold my head high and pushforward. She still looked sullen and it was making me uncomfortable.

I wont stop you. Are you sure youre up for that today though? I figured you wouldnt be upfor much of anything after last night. Go change, Im ready when you are. Before I could pull it up, the door swung open and Chase walked in.

As promised, I let her pick out all my outfits, and she paid for one of them. Now that wewere done, I was regretting how much money Id spent, but Id just bought fifteen different shirts, fourpairs of jeans, a couple pairs of ultra-short shorts and skirts, three sexy but cute dresses and five pairs ofshoes. After that was done we headed to Victorias Secret, and I blushed my way through the entire storewhile she picked out all my new underwear, bras and sleeping clothes.

Our last stop of the day was atSephora where we basically downloadd my own make-up counter after Bree swore to teach me how to putit all on. And for all that? I think I did pretty well. The only thing Sir had let me do growing up was workat one of the Post Exchanges.

Not that kids my age were generally allowed to, but everyone knew oursituation so I started there when I was twelve and had saved every cent. Now youre finally ready for college. Whats yourtype? Hair color, eye color, skin color?

Athlete, geek, musician? Ill take that, please? Well just have to start fromscratch. He was exactly the kind of guy Sir would hate, so naturally I was drawn to him. You have to tell me now. Youve wanted to dowhat? But itd probably be a bad idea to do them all at once. I should spread I frowned at her. What piercings do you want?

But here, and here. Your lip is called a Monroe, and your ear is a tragus. I actually really want my lippierced too! Do you want to go get them done together sometime? Eighteen yearsof not being able to do what I want, Im kind of impatient. Guess that means were going. Im really glad she knew the area, because she drove right to a tattoo parlor, and after chatting it upwith the piercer, we were sitting in his room picking out the studs before I could even think about thispossibly being a bad idea.

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I glanced in the mirror and a huge smile crossedmy face, I absolutely loved them. Ahh Im so excited for mine now! Another ten minutes and hers were done, I made her eat her words when she grabbed my hand at thelast minute and squeezed until I thought Id never get the circulation flowing again. We paid the guy andran to her car, looking into the visor mirrors before we left.

No way. Have you seen my brother? Besides Im pretty sure I couldnt get them mad at me even if I tried. Yeah, Im almost positive hes going to try to rip them out. Good thing Im not going home forten months! What are you doing for winter break? It wouldnt be much different than being there. We dont spend much timetogether if were in the same house. I thought it was normal until a few weeks ago when youand I started e-mailing.

Well move my stuff into the dorm tomorrow. Breanna and I both loved our professors, and thankfully they didnt seem like theyd be too hard.

I hadnt seen any of the guys from Chases house, but that was my fault, Id been avoiding them until today. Bree always ate lunch with them and though Id made excuses the first three days, I was tired of eatingalone in my room already. Id never admit it out loud, but after Bree left for her first class this morning, Ichanged my outfit three times and spent extra time on my make-up. My entire body was shaking justthinking about seeing Chase and I still had to sit through a class, thankfully I only had one today, and thatwas the last one for the week.

Just as class let out, I received a text from my roommate making sure Id bethere today because she was already holding a seat for me. No getting out of it now. Whats up Princess! Whereve you been all my life? No sooner had I cursed myself for spending the extratime trying to look perfect today, than two hands appeared on either side of my plate and I felt a hard chestpress against my back and warm breath against my ear.

Youre my favorite, remember? Stop bugging her, go sit down.

Chase sata few seats away and I was grateful to be able to think clearly again. I looked around the table to seeChases four housemates, two other girls I knew to be girlfriends of Brad and Derek, with another girl Idnever seen before who was openly glaring at me. After shooting her a dark look I continued my inventoryof the rest of the table, on the other side of Chase were two guys I had seen at the party, but didnt knowtheir names, and across from them was a pair of gray eyes smiling at me.

I dropped my face to look downat my salad and counted to five before slowly lifting only my eyes to find him engaged in a conversationwith Chase. Raising my head a little to get a better look, I took in his short buzzed hair, warm smile andsingle dimple on his right cheek as his laughter boomed across the table.

This guy was…just Hes looking at you again. I felt my cheeks start toburn and forced my head back down and towards Bree. I knew you were staring at him.

My stomach was flipping so much now I dont think I couldeat at all. Before she could answer, Drewinterrupted. Its been like two weeks, I feel so unloved. I just met him this week duringlunch. Hearing my name, I glanced up to see Chases fork paused halfway to his mouth, his jaw settight, and his eyes burning holes in Brandon who was talking with one of the guys across from him.

Whenhe was done killing him a million different ways, Chases eyes cut across to me and his entire facerelaxed. He nodded slightly and resumed eating. When have I ever not been there? There probably wont even be twenty people there. They save the big parties for Fridaynights. He was looking at Brandon with his headcocked the side, one eyebrow raised.

I could even see the challenge in his stare. Is it bad thatall I could think about was how his lips would feel on mine? Before I could think on it too much, the girlthat had been glaring at me earlier moved around the table and sat on his lap, pressing her mouth to hisneck before trailing her lips along his jaw. His hands instantly gripped her hips, but he never took his eyesoff of mine.

Impretty sure I hadnt even sounded like that when I was five. After she brought his mouth to hers, I spared a glance in Brandons direction to see him studying me. It wasnt uncomfortable, and it didnt last nearly as long as I would have liked it to, I could have sat therelooking at him for hours. I wasnt used to feeling anything for a guy, and now I couldnt stop going backand forth between him and Chase.

Butterflies in my stomach with one, and hot shivers with another.

FREE: Taking Chances and Stealing Harper by Molly McAdams ePub

Ialmost laughed out loud when I realized how stupid it was to feel anything for Chase, his current positionwith the brunette proving why.

Brandon on the other hand, I knew nothing about. Other than his laugh, Ihadnt even heard his voice. Ugh, Im ridiculous, one guy is a whore, the other I havent even spoken to.

Saying goodbye to everyone, I picked up my bag and began walking away as a deep husky voicecalled my name. I didnt stop walking, but looked over my shoulder in time to see Brandon walkingaround the table toward me, and Chase holding the brunettes head away from his as he watched us, shejust continued onto his neck. You seem to know the rest of the guys prettywell though were just meeting, they said youre Brees roommate?

I am, but I dont really know them well. Ive only talked to them for a total of about tenminutes before today. He looked at me quizzically but I shook my head so he wouldnt push it. We stopped walking whenwe got to the path that would take me to the dorms and him to his next class.

I turned towards him andshamelessly took in his worn jeans resting low on his narrow hips and fitted black shirt before going backto his face.

I hadnt realized how tall he was when we were walking out, but he had to be at least a foottaller than me. His height and muscled body made me want to curl up in his arms, it looked like Id fitperfectly there. I nervously bit my bottom lip while I watched his cloudy eyes slowly take in my smallframe. It didnt feel like the guys at the party, looking at me like I was something to eat.

His eyes made mefeel beautiful, and it thrilled me that they were on me. Thrilled me that they were on me? Get a gripHarper you just met him two seconds ago. Go find Bree. Ill see you tonight? I stalked past Chase and didnt look back at him the entire way to my room. He stood in the doorwayas Bree and I packed for the weekend, which made me uncomfortable because I couldnt ask her whichoutfits I should wear. I threw in things she had gushed over at the mall, a few pairs of underwear, sleepshorts, make-up and all my bathroom supplies before finally saying anything to him.

I stayed in his arms a second too long and henoticed. I pushed him off me as soon as I saw that cocky smirk take over his face. Did you just say piss? Im not sure if thats PG approved. Not wanting to deal with him, I grabbed the remote and spread out on the couchtrying to find something other than him to hold my attention. I made it a point not to look in his directionagain.

Sighing, I flipped through the guide a few more times without finding anything interesting and justturned on the news. Sir would have been proud. I hated that I knew Chase was looking at me, or where he was in the room.

Why does my skin haveto tingle over a guy like him? Its not that I didnt want it to, because to be honest, hes all I could thinkabout the last two weeks. But Ive already heard all about his one-night-stand reputation from people atschool, and from the stories his sister told me, I shouldnt even want to be with someone like him. Apparently girls feltprivileged to have been with him at all, I would hate to be anyones one nighter. He walked over to thecouch and I tried to still my heart when he lifted up my legs and sat down, putting them back on his lap.

No need to let him know how being near to him had me coming undone. Damn the stupid shivers that course through mybody when he touches me. Figured you werent one togive in to people like that. I didnt know at that time that shewould want to get them too, and I certainly wouldnt let someone talk me into something like that. Glad toknow you think so highly of me. I didnt want to goback in there and face him, but I didnt want to stand here like an idiot either. I heard his phone ring andlistened to his voice retreat as he went outside before deciding to go back to the couch.

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I had barely satdown when he was next to me, arm extended with phone in hand. I wanted to say something along the lines of Yes, please! I want nothing more than to sit there andlook at your smile for the next couple hours!

Instead, I kept it simple. Did you want me tomeet you somewhere? I ran back to his door andpounded on it so Bree would unlock it.

I dont know how to talk to guys. And so far Brandon isnt, plus hesincredibly gorgeous. Do I look okay? I meant to say something at lunch, you look stunning! And by excited, I mean frantically nervous. I feel stupid that Im eighteen and I still havent been asked on a date. I took a deep breath before leaving the room to meet up with him. Heat zinged across my cheekswhen he smiled at me. Did everyone here have to have an absolutely perfect smile and teeth?

Thankfully,Id inherited my moms teeth, they naturally looked like Id had braces for years. Unfortunately, Id also inherited thatfrom her. I followed him out and jumped into the passenger side of his black Jeep that looked perfect foroff-roading. There wasnt much of an opportunity for talking, unless I wanted a mouthful of hair, so I satquietly until we pulled into a parking lot. I grabbed the door handle but stopped when his hand touchedmine.

Dangerous-model-looking god and a gentleman? No, I didnt mean it in a bad way. Far from it, I swear. He put his hand under my chin until I looked at him again. I wanted him totouch my back with his big hands, to feel their warmth on me.

But he never closed the distance, justguided me. We got our drinks and went back outside to sit on the patio before we said anything else. Itwas nice that he didnt feel the need to fill the silence, plus it gave me some time to calm my nerves.

Was home-schooled my whole life, I think just so he couldkeep an eye on me. I wonder if he saw how I looked when I showed up a couple weeks ago, he would stillthink that.

He was on one of the planes that crashed into the twin towers. I never understood why people felt sorry for me. Yes it hurt knowing Id never meetmy mom, but I hadnt had the chance to lose her.

She was already gone. But this? I would never understandBrandons hurt, and I didnt know how to try, but I wanted to take it away. What I did know, was that hedidnt need my condolences right now, so I reached my hand across the table and rested it on top of his. He made slow circles on my thumb causing my entire hand to heat up. If a masculine man could be described asbeautiful, then his expression was just that.

Hard worker, but always home for dinner with us. Brought my mom flowersevery other weekend, never missed one of our games. Taught me how to play football and surf. He madesure to let us know we could have anything we wanted if we worked hard enough for it.

I always wantedto be like him when I grew up. Everyone loved him, he was a great man. Im sure he would be very proud of you. Normally people just tell me theyre sorry and getuncomfortable. Its nice to talk about him sometimes. Your dad ever talk about your mom? Just said enough to let me know I reminded him too much of her. It never madesense to me, he always kept me close, like with the home-schooling, but he always made it clear he didntwant me.

I exhaled in relief when he didnt askme to explain that further. He was stupid enough to let a bunch of horny Marines raise me. My dads side of the family doesnt live too far awaythough, thats kind of what brought me here. What about you? Plus, the fact that it wasnt toofar from another base was the only way I could get Sir to agree. Brandon was easy to talk to, and I had a feeling Breanna was right, I wasalready falling. I ended up in a pair ofdaisy dukes and a black off the shoulder t-shirt that I absolutely loved.

I left the shadow neutral, put onsome eyeliner and mascara before putting my long hair in a low ponytail. Bree came up and pulled at myhair making it look a little messy before she gave her approval of my overall look.

I just hope he doesnt thinkanything is going to happen because Im staying here. Or am I missing something? Its like you said, atleast youre not a whore, and trust me when I say this Harper Bree had been right, there were only about twenty people here, and theywere all currently surrounding the bar where Zach was chugging a massive drink.

I glanced around andsaw Chases face pressed into some girls neck and Brandon walking in from one of the halls. We smiledwidely at each other as he came to stand by my side. Icouldnt place the scent, but it was perfect for him. Was he serious? I was just curious. What happened? I pointed to where Chase was sticking his tongue down the same girls throat andlaughed.

He wont even be in the room.

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Before our faces could touch I was yanked back and thrownover Chases shoulder as he yelled for the beer pong game to start. Hed just stopped what could have been my first kiss, and his shoulder was really uncomfortable againstmy stomach.

The Princess needs her throne! But of course, I couldnt have the last word. Gripping my armfirmly, he pulled me towards the front door before bringing me close to his body so he could whisperroughly in my ear. Gah, even that sent shivers ofpleasure through me.

Is there something he did that youd like to share? You dont even know me! Warm hands were on my shoulders then, and though he dropped my arm, Chase looked more pissedoff than he had before. I knew hed been gripping me tight, but my arm was now throbbing where his handhad just been. I could tell Brandon was standing in an intimidating stance, but he seemed perfectly at ease makingsoothing trails up and down my arms. That was a little much.

Im pretty sure he doesnt see you like he sees Bree. And whatmakes it worse is that you dont even see it. All the guys had been talking about you before I even got here,and after today, I see why. Harper, trust me when I say he doesntwant to be your brother, but Im not about to let him try to be anything else.

One hand gripped my hip, and the othersnaked around behind my neck, anchoring my face to his. His full lips were soft but firm as they movedagainst mine.

Pulling back slightly to look into my eyes, he smiled and softly brushed his lips across myown twice before kissing me again, lightly sliding his tongue against my bottom lip. I gasped and grippedhis shirt, pressing my body closer to his. A groan escaped his mouth as our tongues met, sending goosebumps across my body.

Our breaths were ragged when we broke apart, and I could see myself falling inlove with those lips. The pad of his thumb brushed across my cheek as his liquid gray eyes searched mine. Um, its my turn at beer pong. I want you to be my partner.

He wanted to thrill of the chase. He then fell in love with her after she falls in love with his best friend. He was like the kid who loved a toy after he saw someone else interested in it, then went about creating a scene for it and took it even at the cost of breaking it.

What he and Harper did felt to wrong. They wronged Brandon in sooooooo many ways.. More is Harpers fault than Chase's. I really want her to burn in hell.

You cannot love two men. You fucking cheated on the best thing that ever happened on you. You cheated and broke 2 hearts and killed a fucking man.

I mean I don't even have words for him, he was the best.By the way, you ought to know that Brandon's family was not the least bit upset when they discovered she cheated on him and wasn't pregnant with Brandon's child.

Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: We can even put a pillow between us if itll make you feelbetter. Now, darlings, what sometimes happens when someone has sex without taking a birth control pill or using protection?

Bring it sweetheart. But Ihad thought he looked like an underwear model, or an Abercrombie and Fitch model. I found a couple chairs in a dark corner of the backyard and plopped intoone.

Our breaths were ragged when we broke apart, and I could see myself falling inlove with those lips.