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Ketuvim (Hagiographer)» Songs of Songs (Shir HaShirim). Chapter 1. Display in HebrewPDF Download. 1,1. The song of songs, which is Solomon's. 1,2. 1 Shir Ha Shirim ~ One - Read by Rafi Simcha Metz - Topics: Shir ha Shirim, Song of Songs, meditation, Solomon, Canticles, Hebrew. Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs - Chapter 1. Next». Chapter 2. Rashi's Commentary: Show Hide. Show content in: Both English Hebrew.

Shir Hashirim Hebrew Pdf Download

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DOWNLOAD: PDF and ODT (sans Hebrew) Shir haShirim chapter 1 This is a reading for the Song of Songs (Shir haShirim, a/k/a Canticles). free mp3 audio of torah reading, haftorah, tehilim and more. all 8 audio files>>. Megilas Shir HaShirim, Esther, Ruth, Eicha Cantorial Ashkenazi (from org). "The Song of Songs of Solomon, commonly referred to as Song of Songs ( Hebrew, שיר השירים, Shir ha-Shirim) or Song of Solomon, is a book of.

Chapter 7 1 Return, return, O Shulammite; Return, return, that we may look upon thee. What will ye see in the Shulammite? As it were a dance of two companies. The roundings of thy thighs are like the links of a chain, the work of the hands of a skilled workman.

Chapter 8 1 Oh that thou wert as my brother, that sucked the breasts of my mother!

When I should find thee without, I would kiss thee; yea, and none would despise me. Under the apple-tree I awakened thee; there thy mother was in travail with thee; there was she in travail and brought thee forth. Therefore, the maidens loved you: Jethro came at the sound of the news and converted; also Rahab the harlot said, Josh.

We will rejoice and be glad in you. We will recall your love more fragrant than wine; they have loved you sincerely. We will recall your love: Even today, in living widowhood, I recall your early love more than any banquet of pleasure and joy. With this, they are still joyful today and happy in Him despite their afflictions and distress, and they delight in the Torah, and there they recall His love more than wine and the sincerity of their love for Him. Like the tents of Kedar, like the curtains of Solomon.

The allegory is that the congregation of Israel says to the nations: I am black in my deeds, but I am comely in the deeds of my ancestors, and even some of my deeds are comely.

Midrash - Stories and parables that may or may not be true, but the moral or Biblical lesson learned is very true; one of several collections of Biblical interpretations by some of the wisest of Jewish sages.

Mincha — One of the three daily Synagogue services; i. Mishnah - Rabbinic commentaries to the legal code found in the Tanakh; includes arguments of the sages; the Oral Torah. Mishnah —[ ma- sa —an- ]- samaya sattam sampathamaana yaedu [- missing letters-pa- the-] ; the writings related to the religious law matters; samayam sattam- religious law; sampanthamaana- related ; yaedu- book.

Mitzrayim - The land of Egypt. Moshe - Moses; 'drawn out', as 'out of water'.

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Saturday evening after the end of Shabbat at sunset on Saturday. Motzei Shabbat —[ - ma- the -sa- sa —pa- the- ]- sappath thinam mudintha samyam- the festival of sabbath has come to an end ; thinam- day; mundintha- to come to an end; samayam- time.

Na'vi s - Nivi'im pl - Prophet.

Ohr Bahir - Lit. Parashah - Scripture portion from the Torah.

Shir Hashirim - Song of Songs - Chapter 1

Parashah- [- pa- Ra- sa -ka -]- vaara vaaram samaya sadanku naeram padikka vaendiya thiru marai — [missing letter- the -]; the portion of Torah to be read every week ; vaara vaaram- every week; samya sadanku - religious ritual; padikka - to read; thiru marai- Torah. Passuk Passukim, pl. Verse verses.

Pikuach Nefesh - A matter of life and death. Illai uyirodu pozhaichhu uoorukku poka vaenumaa?

Rosh Chodesh - New Moon, start of the new month. Sedrah, Sidrah - Portion of the Torah. Sedrah — [- sa-the-Ra -] - Thiru marai saathiram uraiththa nar seithiin oru saaram- the part of the good news of the scriptures of Torah ; Thiru Marai- Torah ; saaththiram- scriptures; nar seithi- good news; oru saaram- one part.

Song of Songs (Bible)

A-hal es-sabt. Atlas Mountains, Africa]. A kal es sabt -[- ka- la —sa- sa- pa- the- ]- saniyan pokum sani kilamai maalai muthal Saeyon varum kaalai valei mudiya idaiyae ulla vaeli yil than sabath thina kondaattum kondaada pada vaendum - the time between Saturday evening and sunday morning is the celebration time for Sabbath; saniyan pokum- the saturn leaving; maalai- evening; saeyon - sun god; kaalai vaelai- morning time; idaiyae ulla - in between.

Ghas or wars [Kabyle or Berber. Ancient Numidian North Africa] Ghas or wars [ ka- sa- Ra- va- Ra -]- sani yan pokum sani eruvu naeram muthal Saeyonukku uriththanna gnayiru thina eravu naeram varai yae sappath — thinam anusarikka pada vaendiya naeramaakum; the time interval between Saturday night to Sunday evening is the time of celebration for Sabbath; sani eravu- Saturday evening; gnaayiru eravu - sunday evening.

Shabbat HaGadol —[ sa -pa- the - ka- the - la -]- peskal pandikaikukku munthiya sappath thina kondaattam; the sabath preceding the Pesach ; pandikai- festival; munthaiya - previous; thinam — day ; kondaattam- celebrations.

Shaddai - God the Almighty. Shaliach -One who is sent; emissary, apostle. Also plural of 'week'. Pentecost [ pa- an- the- ka- sa- the- ]- antha punithamaana aeinpathu thinaththai kondaadum saathi sanam- the people who celebrates those sacred 50 days ; puintham- sacred; aeinpathu- 50; thinam- days; kondaadum- celebrate; saathi sanam- the sect of people.

Shekhinah-[-sa- ka- an-] - ozhi veesum vin meen [missing letter — la-] - the shining star of the sky; ozhi veesum- shining; vin meen- the star. Shemah - Deut. Shemah — [- sa- ma -] - saamy onnae! Shemini Atzeret- [- sa -ma —an- the- sa- Ra- the-]-Sakkoth kondaattathin kadaisi ettam thinam devanukku [ Thiru Murugan] tharum sirappu samaya sadanku virnuthu —[ missing letter - ka -]- the great feast given to the lord murugan on the final 8th day of the sakkoth; kondaattam- celebrations; kadaisi- last; ettam thinam- 8 th day; devanaukku - to the lord; sirappu- special; samaaaya sanku- religious ritual ; virunthu - feast.

Shir haShirim - The book of Song of Songs. Sod - Secret or mysterious level of Scriptural understanding. Sod- [- sa- the -]- marai thanmai niraintha thiru marai samaya saaththiram- [ missing letter- Ra -] — the sacred religious scripture which is difficult to understand ; marai thanmai- secret; thirumarai- Torah; samaya saaththiram- religious scripture.

Shmot - the Book of Exodus, being the 2nd word of the Book, viz. Shochet - Jewish slaughterman educated and experienced in the precise rules and regulations concerning Jewish ritual slaughter of the non-forbidden meats. Shomron — Samaria. Cutheans- [- ka -the —an-]- kooththan; kodai naattavan- the people from the city of koda in ancient Iraq.

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Succot - Feast of Tabernacles, from 14th of 7th month, for 8 days. Joyous Feast.

Tallit - Prayer Shawl used by Jewish males to wrap around their bodies during prayer. Talit- [- the- la- the -]- thooimaiyaana manthu udaiyavanin , thooimaiyaana maeniyae moodum thooimai yaana veluththa vellai thuini —[ missing letter- ka-] - the pure dry washed white cloth that covers the man who has a pure heart [ vellai ullam - white heart ] ; thooimai- pure; manathu- mind; moodum- covered; veluththa — dry wash; vellai - white; thuni- cloth.

Talmid - Disciple, pupil. Talmid- [- the- [-ma-]- the -]- thondan- the one who does service ; thondai maan ; thondu seiyum manithan [ missing letter - sa -]; thondu service; manithan - man. Talmud -. A wealth of informative writings, commentaries and interpretations from ancient Jewish sages, which includes the Mishnah and the Gamara. Tanach - the Hebrew word for what is generally the 'Old Testament'.Shir- [- sa- Ra -] -saamiyaar; seer. Devarim - the Book of Deutoronomy, being the 2nd word of the Book - "the words".

Parashah - Scripture portion from the Torah. No one knows about it without having the key. MA Malchut rises up, includes itself into Bina, and receives its properties. Shemah — [- sa- ma -] - saamy onnae! Rabbi Akiva said: The world was never as worthy as on the day that the Song of Songs was given to Israel, for all the Writings are holy, whereas the Song of Songs is the holiest of the holy.

Shmot - the Book of Exodus, being the 2nd word of the Book, viz.