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Detailed preparation Strategy for IAS by Roman Saini Answer by Roman Saini: > (Disclaimer: IAS is used alternatively with Civil Services) Profile Name: Dr. Starting today, you can download all the pdf files of my @theunacademy notes for @RomanSaini @theunacademy @gauravmunjal Sir will it be possible to. R S Agarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF All PDF which are provided here are for Unacademy MCQs September By Roman Saini All PDF which are.

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Partiyogita Darpan October English All PDF which are Unacademy MCQs September By Roman Saini All PDF which are. Unacademy MCQs September By Roman Saini All PDF which are provided here are for Education purposes only. Please utilize them for building your. This is the PDF of the Polity Schedules II video at Unacademy. Unacademy, educational initiative by @RomanSaini @gauravmunjal

Civil service seems an attractive destination for youth.

Middle class, in particular, aspire to become civil servants. The private sector has its own importance but the diversity, challenges, vibrancy that you feel — each and every moment you feel alive — is in civil services only. What was your attitude and strategy in general Prelims, Mains and Interview? The strategy is to read as much as you can from the same source and revise it again and again.

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Also, on an average how many hours did you put on a daily basis? How did you manage time?

Prepared for 2 years more than sufficient. I was 21 when I gave Prelims. On an average, I put around hours on daily basis. And gradually increased the effort during exam time to 12 hours. Or a person who favored the combined-study approach?

Preferred studying alone rather than combine study approach. Not in favor of group study, because of the different knowledge base that we have.

That creates problems. How many hours did you devote for newspapers? Any tips on newspaper-reading?

How helpful were the coaching institutes? Coaching institutes do help.

Fundamental Duties pdf - Fundamental Duties

They are not absolutely necessary, but they just do help. Or did you say good-bye to the social media during preparation days? Any tips?

I used Facebook a lot and joined a lot of groups. Lots of materials are available online. Rukmini Devi Arundale is considered the most important revivalist in the Indian classical dance form of Bharata Natyam from its original 'sadhir style 79 Why make notes? Follow the chronology, so as to keep a track of it and not miss out on any topic Do not duplicate, that is, do not write the same sentences again and again You can either make the notes in the book or in a separate copy as per your comfort.

In short, making notes is better than not making them Indian Philosophy Philosophy, as practical necessity to lead the best life possible.

This study will help serve the human ends. Philosophy has been a long tradition of Indian civilization.

Though there are some overlaps and differences, a common point of agreement among the different schools are that philosophy seeks to address four basic goals- Artha, Dharma, Kama and Moksha. Orthodox or Heterodox schools, that is if the Vedas are infallible or not. Enumeration school, founded by Sage Kapila. Strongly dualist: Universe consists of two realities-Purusa consicouness and Prakriti phenomenal realm of matter. Jiva is the state in which Purusa is bonded to Prakriti via desire, and the end of this bondage is moksha.

Samkhya denies the final cause of God. There is no description of after moksha state nor of God.

Purva Mimamsa Enquiry into the nature of dharma based on hermeneutics, i. Trace the history leading to the religious movement of Buddhism Doctrines of Buddhism are:.


Arya Satya Noble Truth :. Dukkha Noble Truth of Sorrows - Birth, aging, diseases, every wish unfulfilled is sorrow.

Mahavira or Jina, after intense meditation and severe penance achieved Kevala Jnana or.Extremely critical of the Vedas and thought that the Vedas suffered from three faults- untruth, self-contradiction, and tautology saying same thing twice in different words While making notes-1 Write the keywords, phrases, important facts - that you think are important Read everything from the purpose of exam.

Materialism, philosophical skepticism and religious indifference. Provision of basic amenities like water, sanitation etc.

You should know why you want to become a civil servant. Noel Saji Paul.

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Jiva is the state in which Purusa is bonded to Prakriti via desire, and the end of this bondage is moksha. Similarly even for medical science optional, I relied on my own college notes and google.