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THE RISE OF NINE By Pittacus Lore Book 3 of the I AM NUMBER FOUR Series Until the day I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on the. In Pittacus Lore's The Rise of Nine, third in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, the stakes are higher than ever as John, Six, and Seven try . In Pittacus Lore’s The Rise of Nine, third in the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, the stakes are higher than ever as John, Six, and Seven try desperately to find the rest of the Garde before it’s too late. The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien.

Rise Of Nine Pittacus Lore Pdf

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The Rise of Nine is the next thrilling instalment in the gripping Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore. 'Number Four is a hero for this generation' Michael Bay. I Am Number Four - Pittacus KB. The Power of Six - Pittacus Lore. pdf. MB. THE RISE OF NINE - Pittacus KB. Pittacus Lore. The third book of the #1 New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series! The Mogadorians who destroyed the planet Lorien continue to hunt for the Garde .

He examines them for a second but hands them back to me, shaking his head. Or they could be thermal detectors, good for seeing at night. Aside from dulling the brightness of the sun, nothing else seems to happen. I hand them over. She slides the glasses up her nose, then twists around and looks out the back window.

I turn back to my Chest. Ella points up at the sky. We have to get out right now! She scrambles over me with the glasses still on and opens the door. The shoulder of the road is lined with sharp rocks and dead shrubs. I grab my open Chest, and jump. My feet hit the hard dirt road and sweep underneath me, and the world instantly becomes a swirl of browns and blues and sharp pains.

The back tire of our truck grazes my arm, and I barely change direction in time to roll out of the way of the next speeding truck. My head hits a sharp stone and I flip over one last time, landing on my Chest.

The impact knocks the wind out of me, and the contents of my Chest have scattered in the dirt. A second later the rocket smashes into the ground just behind the speeding truck we dove from. The explosion is deafening, and with Commander Sharma still inside, the truck flips forward onto its roof in a cloud of smoke.

The careening jeep behind it is unable to swerve. It hits the edge of the chasm caused by the rocket, and dives right into the tremendous hole. Two more rockets hit the convoy. The air is so thick with dust that we cannot see the helicopters overhead, but we can hear them.

I blindly grope the area around me, trying to gather everything that spilled out of my Chest. You okay? Then I hear Ella scream. I walk into the kitchen. The handles to the cupboard under the sink are loose, and when I pull on them I hear a click.

A dozen sharpened sticks are shooting straight at me. The sticks ricochet left and right, stabbing the walls. Nine stands in the doorway laughing. I totally forgot to tell you I rigged that up. Bernie Kosar skids in and growls at Nine. While he berates Nine for his stupidity, I focus on pulling the sticks out of the walls. I will them to hover in the air, aimed at Nine. He turns around to head into the other room. We have to jet, so start pulling your stuff together.

The left side of the cupboard goes deeper than the right. I feel my way around and pull away the false plywood wall. There it is. I grab the Chest and carry it out of the kitchen. Next he grabs a round yellow thing covered with small bumps. It looks like a strange fruit and I half expect him to squeeze it to produce juice. He sets it in his palm, and before I can ask what it is, he whips it down at the floor and quickly backs himself up against the wall.

It bounces high after hitting the carpet and changes from yellow to black, expanding to the size of a grapefruit. When it reaches shoulder height the small bumps explode, turning into razor-sharp spikes. He holds the ball close to his eye, causing me to hold my breath. I can control it with my mind.

Well, I can control it partly. Are you kidding me? I had to jump out of the way. Not enough, though. He shrugs. BK tells him to stop fooling around. Everything I know how to use, It hovers in a perfect circle and sucks debris off the ground like a black hole. It spins towards a back window and glows white, and when Nine snaps his fingers the debris explodes out of the circle, breaking whatever was left of the window.

I open my own Chest. I promised Henri I would take him back to Lorien, and I still plan on it. I carefully move the coffee can to the floor next to the Chest and grab the dagger with the diamond blade, letting the handle extend and wrap itself around my fist. I turn it over, looking at the blade. I release the dagger and continue to sift through the items.

The last time I touched that crystal, my stomach convulsed and acid climbed up my throat.

I push aside the smooth yellow Xitharis rock that transfers Legacies and pick up an oblong crystal that is full of memories. When the cloud swirled, it meant my first Legacy was developing.

This crystal was the beginning. I look over at Nine. I think the effect of it is weakened, anyway. There may be a chance we can get to Sam tonight.

It disappears. He turns over his hand and the pebble reappears on his palm. I hope it will propel me into the air or shoot a ring of lasers, but it just hangs there on my wrist. I wave my arm over my head, asking it to work, begging it to reveal its powers. Nothing happens. I keep it on and hope something will just happen. Everything in my Chest came from the Elders. Everything has a purpose, so I know it must do something.

I pull open the bag and drop the stones into my hand and show them to Nine, remembering the day that Henri first showed them to me.

Henri had these. This is how we figured out another member of the Garde was in Spain. What do they do? Bernie Kosar barks at the sight of the orbs hovering over my palm.

They have become planets and orbit the sun. Nine comes closer and we watch as the planets collide one by one with the sun until there is just a large single ball in front of us. The new globe rotates on its axis and flashes a light so bright we have to shield our eyes. Nine is mesmerized. The Earth rotates and we immediately see two pinpricks of pulsing light one on top of the other. Once we can orient ourselves, we see they are in West Virginia. It turned into a globe of the Earth.

We assumed she was another member of the Garde. Oh my God, man. To be honest, when we opened my Chest the first time, the silver staff and the yellow porcupine ball were so amazing I only half listened to anything he said after. I glance at the solar system and gasp. One of the blue dots in West Virginia has disappeared. Open up your Chest again. I want to see something.

Now, close it. When Nine speaks, the Earth globe grows fuzzy and vibrates with a half-second delay of his voice. Why is my voice echoing? Nine whistles. Nine puts his crystal down, having figured it out. I think if you hold on to that red crystal, any of us with this macrocosm Earth can hear you.

You know, in case their Testing one, two, three. We want to train and end all this bullshit and get back to Lorien. So, um. Over and out and stuff. I shake it and my arm begins to tingle. Stay tuned. I frown. I would jump into the thing if I could figure out how.

Can you hear me? The pulsing light in India is now gone. Suddenly, the globe shrinks and reforms into the seven orbs, each of which falls to the ground.

He drops them back into my Chest, and take his crystal out of my frozen hand. Six is in trouble — the kind of trouble that involves explosions and helicopters and mountains.

And all of this is happening now, halfway around the world. How am I going to get to India? Where can I get on a plane? The one who abandoned you and your boy to jet off to Spain? My head is swimming. I notice my arm feels strange. Hearing her voice distracted me so much I forgot about the growing discomfort there. I try to remove the bracelet from my wrist, and it burns my fingers. I think something may be wrong with it.

It zapped me! Bernie Kosar trots over to smell the bracelet, but stops midstride and jerks his head up to stare at the front door.

His ears rise and the fur on his back bristles. Nine and I look at each other and start to slowly back into the room, away from the door.

Suddenly, the door is blown off its hinges. Smoke bombs fly through the windows sending glass shards everywhere. I fall to my knees. I see a flash of green light and hear Nine shout out in pain.

He falls down next to me. That is the unmistakable green light of a Mogadorian cannon. Bullets whistle by, exploding in the dirt all around us. Ella and I take cover behind the wreckage of one of the trucks. The bullets seem to be coming from everywhere, from every direction, from every angle.

I gently run my hands over her body until I feel the wet, sticky blood and find a bullet hole in her lower thigh. When I touch it, she cries out in pain.

I use the most soothing voice I can muster, given the circumstances. Marina can help you. We just need to find her. I almost trip over Marina and Crayton, who are huddled behind another piece of debris. We have to get out of here! I set Ella down next to Marina.

I can see her wound clearly now; her blood is flowing steadily. Ella inhales sharply, her chest beginning to rise and fall at a rapid pace. The gash turns from black and red back to the color of her pearly-white skin. Crayton gives her a hug. A helicopter roars overhead and decimates two trucks with a spray of bullets. The sight of it fills me with anger.

We can fight here, but it would be better to take it to the mountains. She takes control of the helicopter and reverses its flight path. Ella and I cheer with relief as we watch the spinning blades disappear into the distance while Crayton watches with a frown.

Then Commander Sharma dives behind our cover. I thought he was killed when that first rocket struck.

Blood trickles from a large cut on his temple, and his right arm hangs awkwardly at his side. He shakes his head. They are who we were trying to avoid. Commander Sharma scans the horizon before looking me in the eyes. And destroy all of his friends. Like you. More are on their way. A large brigade of heavily armed vehicles is moving towards us, several helicopters hovering above them. Tiny flashes of light appear from the long line of the trucks and jeeps, and seconds later I hear the bullets zip past us.

We must take it to higher ground if we want a chance to survive this. The mountains will give us more cover. You can still take out every single one of them. We need to be smart. Before anyone can answer, two low-flying helicopters zip in with their guns blazing. I use my telekinesis to pull on the tail of one of the helicopters, tipping the nose down. It looks like a rodeo horse trying to buck its rider as the pilot struggles furiously to level the copter out.

We watch the pilot give a particularly hard yank to the joystick and two men bounce right out of the cabin. I look over at our fleet of stalled SUV s and see smoke rising faintly from one of the tailpipes. An engine is still running! The brigade is less than a hundred yards away. As we run I feel a bullet zip through my hair. Another one rips through my forearm, but before I can scream, Marina is right next to me, her icy hands tending to my injury as we run.

That lone soldier follows the commander, running with us. Crayton steps on the gas and whips us onto the road. This is not a road built for speed. The SUV is overflowing with guns--I find a shotgun and crawl into the back, waiting for a target. Marina follows suit, leaving her Chest with Ella.

We thought if Number Eight remained in the mountains, we would be safe here, under the radar. If we survive this, I am so going to tear Eight a new one.

I look over my shoulder and see the Himalayan Mountains through the windshield. They are slowly getting closer, their jagged tops growing more menacing.

Up ahead, the brown desert ends, and a curving band of green surrounds the base of the mountains. They believe we are blasphemous, They want to kill us in his name. I look out the back window in time to see something fire out of the helicopter.

I use my telekinesis and send it directly into the desert floor, where it explodes. The helicopter fires two more missiles. We watch grimly as the helicopter explodes in a giant fireball. We never try to kill; but, given a choice between killing versus being killed, I will pick us every time.

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Marina and I monitor the brigade in the distance, and whenever we pass something large enough, we use our telekinesis to drop it in the path behind us. The tall trees that have begun to dot the sides of the road quickly form a thick line of defense. The car dips into an extremely narrow valley before beginning to ascend the mountain. We have just come to the base when Commander Sharma tells Crayton to stop.

I lean forward in my seat and see dozens of small mounds in the dirt. Crayton opens his door and steps out with a machine gun under his arm. He points into the hills. I will take these two with me. Crayton and I look at each other and nod. Ella turns to Crayton.

Pittacus Lore

Maybe you can be our eyes up there in the trees. Crayton taps her arm and beckons her to join him and the young soldier. The three of them scramble up the left wall of the valley, disappearing behind a boulder.

Commander Sharma, Ella, and I move up the right side of the hills, carefully avoiding the bumps on the ground as we move. We find a position behind some massive boulders, and settle in to wait for the brigade to arrive. I turn to Commander Sharma. With a grunt, Commander Sharma lies down and sets the barrel of his gun on a flat rock.

The Rise of Nine

He looks up and winks. I look through the trees, hoping to manipulate the clouds surrounding the peaks of the mountains, but the afternoon sun has burned them off. I can turn invisible if I need to, but I prefer to keep that hidden from the commander for now. Not far. We should know in case something happens to the commander and we need to move forward without him.

He jerks his gun from side to side, frantically trying to be everywhere at once. As soon as our SUV comes into view, the pickup skids to a stop and the soldier in the back hops out. More vehicles appear and pull up behind the pickup. A soldier drops out of a red van and sets a rocket launcher onto his shoulder.

I see an opportunity. I nudge the commander with my foot. The soldier has our truck in his crosshairs, but before he can pull the trigger I rip the rocket launcher off his shoulder and slam one end into his belly.

He doubles over and goes down with a scream. Hearing the commotion, the driver of the truck rushes over with a pistol in his hand. I point the rocket launcher at his face. The soldier takes a split second to decide if the freefloating launcher is about to do its thing, then turns and runs away with his arms above his head.

I aim at the now empty, rusty pickup and pull the trigger. The rocket flies out of my launcher and a wave of fire explodes under the pickup, blowing it thirty feet into the air.

The burning truck lands hard, and bounces and rolls quickly forward, the momentum sending it into the back of our SUV with a crash. I watch it lurch forward, rolling slowly over the small mounds in the road that had stopped us from advancing.

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The next thirty seconds are filled with ear-splitting, rapid detonations, as soldiers fire blindly Thousands of birds burst out from the trees all around us, their sounds quickly drowned out by the snap, crackle and pop of munitions doing their thing.

I was right; they were land mines. And now our SUV is nothing more than a smoldering pile of metal. Her challenge hit its mark. I wanted her to know I came to Earth on a ship from another planet called Lorien and the trip had covered more than million miles.

Ashley laughed at me. Without saying good-bye, she left to wait for her dad to come home from work. You know what could happen if we were thousands of miles in the air and then found out Mogs had followed us on board? I could picture the chaos, the other passengers screaming and ducking under their seats as a couple of huge alien soldiers barreled down the aisle with swords.

We rarely even stayed in one place long enough for me to meet other kids, let alone make friends — Ashley was the first girl Katarina even allowed over to our house. I knew why all this was necessary, of course. My silence the following days must have cut through her, because to my surprise she bought us two round-trip airline tickets to Denver.

But on the day of the trip, standing outside the airport, Katarina hesitated. She seemed nervous. She ran her hand through her short black hair. She had dyed and cut it the night before, just before making herself a new ID. A family of five walked around us on the curb, dragging heavy luggage, and to my left a tearful mother said good-bye to her two young daughters.

I wanted nothing more than to join in, to be a part of this everyday scene. Katarina watched everyone around us while I fidgeted impatiently by her side. When we got out of the car on our street, I saw Ashley sitting on her front steps. She looked at me walking towards our house and mouthed the word liar.

The humiliation was almost too much to bear. But, really, I was a liar. But when Ashley called me a liar the one time I was telling someone the truth, I was unspeakably angry.

I stormed up to my room, slammed the door, and punched the wall. To my surprise, my fist went straight through. Katarina slammed my door open, wielding a kitchen knife and ready to strike. When she saw what I had done to the wall, she realized that something had changed with me. She lowered the blade and smiled. The Nine had to separate and go into hiding. Followed the stories about what happened in Ohio. John Smith, out there, on the run. To the world, he's a mystery.

But to me. Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us—if we all still believe in our mission. How can I know?

There are six of us left.Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us—if we all still believe in our mission. Hunt for the Garde. Most Liked. John apologizes and gives Nine something from his box. Malcolm also reveals that there are two kinds of Mogadorians—the disposable vat-born, and the more rare trueborn that form the ruling class.

While driving in the desert of New Mexico, John hears a voice in his head and learns that it is Ella they meet up by the entrance to the underground base, but before they can go in they all John, Nine, Eight, Seven, Ella and BK have to fight off some government soldiers.

However, the base is overrun by Mogadorians, who found the place through a mind controlled Mark James.