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42 | GENERAL CATALOGUE 60 Hz. INSTALLATION AND USE. Suitable for use with clean water and with liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the. | GENERAL CATALOGUE 60 Hz. 4” submersible pumps. PERFORMANCE RANGE. • Flow rate up to l/min (24 m³/h). • Head up to m. APPLICATION . For a quality water pump choose from the Pedrollo water pump range for all water Pedrollo Distribution UK full Pedrollo Catalogue of water pumps and.

Pedrollo Pumps Catalogue Pdf

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Search in Pedrollo catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find PVXC "VORTEX" Fixed installation pumps for sewage water catalog amount of investments and for the ability to ensure quality throughout the production process. Pedrollo pumps are distributed in countries, thus allowing our. INSTALLATION AND USE. Suitable for pumping clean water from boreholes that contain sand (up to g/m³). As a result of their high efficiency and reliability.


Thanks to the use of the most sophisticated robots and advanced production lines available, the company is capable of producing over 2.

Water is pumped by almost every industry daily.

An international sales team, composed of professionals from various parts of the world, ensures that the client is able to count on an extremely high level of service and personalised advice regarding the best solution to adopt. All the submersible pumps produced by Pedrollo are designed for specific purposes and we encourage you to forward the parameters you need this pump to perform to when enquiring about a unit for your use.

Water is the most common liquid pumped on the Earth. Pedrollo Pump Catalogue Please scroll down to a product, click on the picture for more comprehensive detail of the unit.

Our mission is to make water available everywhere, supporting life, development and comfort. Water is the most common liquid pumped on the Earth.

Water is at the very core of physical life and we all recognise the important role this element plays in our existance.

Your best option will be to take your pump to a Home Depot, Lowes, etc.