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I've gone tru d app world but couldnt find any pdf reader, i urgently need this, im always on Sent from my BlackBerry using MTN Nigeria. qPDF Viewer - View Adobe® PDF documents. qPDF Viewer is a free, fast, and powerful PDF Reader. I can't download Pdf software for blackberry bold 3 To find the latest user guides, visit In file, when the "Password protected document" message appears, press.

Pdf For Bb 9780

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View and Download BLACKBERRY BOLD user manual online. Version: BOLD Cell Phone pdf manual download. BlackBerry users knows about the frustration of not able to open PDF files on their device. To do the same, they need to download paid apps but. the BB browser will open and voila - displays all the (5. Hello if you have the tools you can convert PDF to word and that will open i think.

Perform one of the following actions: To back up all data, click Full Backup. To back up all data except e-mail messages, click Quick Backup. To select which types of data to back up, click Custom Backup and select the checkboxes next to the desired data.

If desired, click Files saved on my built-in media storage. Click close once the backup is complete. Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable. Click Restore. Freeware Downloads: Like it? Share with your friends! Supported operating systems: Similar Software: You will benefit from a complete functionality of a PC on your BlackBerry! Get access to your files and manage them wherever you are with eOffice.

This software is no longer supported by the developer. BBCorrector is a Blackberry open source application available in sourceforge. Nextanza Inc. Many documents are simply easier to read as a printout. Your customers, too, often prefer hard copies of orders or invoices. Blueprints, sketches, etc. QuickForms This is a must have app! Simple to make forms, you can save them and use them over and over! PrintRelease Plus OM Plus, the document output management software solution from Plus Technologies, provides advanced delivery and control.

Zoom in to see the complete details of every page, including fonts, graphics and tables. Voice Commands You can dial extensions only within your company. You can turn off choice lists so that your device always selects the best match and dials the phone number automatically. Messages Note: In some cases, you might see the following options.

If so, select one of the options. For more information, contact your administrator. If you associate your device with more than one email account, multiple email account icons might appear on your device, in addition to the main Messages icon. Page 71 2. In the Message Outline Colors section, do any of the following: Email Options 3.

Click a folder. Page 74 3. If the Message Services field appears, set this field to the appropriate email account. Page 75 4. From the Home screen, press the key. Email filters are applied to email based on the order in which they appear in your list of email filters. If you create multiple email filters that could apply to the same email, you must decide which one should be applied first by placing that filter higher in the list.

Page 78 Set the sensitivity level of email that the email filter applies to. If email is forwarded, specify whether it is forwarded with high importance or with the email header only.

Page 82 User Guide Messages 5. Related information Personal distribution lists, I can't send messages, I can't send messages, Resend a message You cannot change a text message before you resend it. In a sent message, press the key. Page 85 User Guide Messages Hide sent messages from the message inbox 1. Select the Hide Sent Messages check box.

Change the message. Viewing And Replying To Text Messages User Guide Messages Set the importance level for text messages that you send Depending on your wireless service provider, this option might not appear. On the Home screen, click the Text Messages icon. Highlight the message.

In a text message, highlight an iCalendar attachment. Change how your text messages look 1. Store Text Messages On Your Sim Card Depending on your wireless service provider and wireless network, this feature might not be supported. Page 92 User Guide Messages Set a wireless network type for sending text messages Depending on your wireless service provider and wireless network, this feature might not be supported.

For more information, contact your wireless service provider or administrator. When you open an email message that contains a vCard contact attachment, a book icon appears at the end of the message with the name of the attached contact.

Digital signatures are designed to help recipients verify the authenticity and integrity of messages that you send.

Your device cannot verify the digital signature. Your device requires more data to verify the digital signature. Your device trusts the certificate chain. If you have sent a message to or received a message from the contact previously, your device tries to use the signing and encryption option that was used for the last message.

Page Your BlackBerry device is designed to use the default message classification when you send a message to a contact that you have not sent a message to or received a message from previously. If you have sent a message to or received a message from the contact previously, your device tries to use the message classification that was used for the last message.

You might also be able to send, forward, or reply to messages using IBM Lotus Notes native encryption. In a message, click the PGP key attachment. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Message shortcuts Depending on the typing input language that you are using, some shortcuts might not be available.

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Move down a screen Press the Space key. Messages I'm not receiving messages Try the following actions: If you're not in a wireless coverage area, you should receive messages when you return to a wireless coverage area. Page Verify that wireless email reconciliation is turned on. Page Depending on your wireless service plan, this feature might not be supported. Clear the check box beside all languages that your SIM card doesn't support.

When you save a file from your organization's network to your BlackBerry device, the file is saved in its original format. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Files icon. On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Media icon or Files icon. Open a password-protected. Click a size. Click Fit. Save a slide 1. Type a name for the file. Attachments Try the following actions: On the Home screen, click the Media icon. Click a media type. If necessary, click a category.

Click a media file. If the media controls do not appear at the bottom of the screen, click the trackpad. You create an automatic playlist by specifying criteria for artists, albums, or genres of music. The songs that meet all of the criteria are automatically added to the playlist. To improve sound quality for media files, you must be using stereo headphones with your device.

To start recording, click the record icon. Take a picture 1. On the Home screen, click the Camera icon. Page User Guide Media View properties for a media file, Geotag pictures that you take The geotag option in the camera records the geographical information of the location in which you take a picture.

Pictures Save a picture from a text message or a web page You can save picture files, such as. Open a picture attachment in a text message or highlight a picture on a web page. Click OK. The folders that you imported remain in their original location, but are deleted from the Pictures application. To permanently delete the folders from both the Pictures application and from the device memory or media card, including any files that are not pictures and that are not visible in the folders in the Pictures application, highlight the folder.

Only microSD media cards are supported. You can encrypt the files on your device and on your media card using an encryption key that your device generates, your device password, or both. Transferring And Downloading Media Files If you want to manage and preserve the information or the encryption that is associated with your media files when you transfer files between your device and your computer, use the media option in the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

To download the BlackBerry Desktop Software, from your computer, visit www. You can send only media files that you have added. Related information The flash dims or turns off If the camera has a flash, and the battery power level drops below 20 percent, the flash dims to conserve battery power.

My Device Does Not Recognize My Media Card If you encrypted the media files on your media card using an encryption key that your BlackBerry device generated and you are trying to open an encrypted media file on your computer or a device other than the BlackBerry device that you used to encrypt the file, insert the media card into the BlackBerry device that you used to encrypt the file. Add Or Delete A Custom Profile You can create contact alerts that allow you to customize ring tones and alerts for calls and messages from specific contacts or groups of contacts.

You can turn on or turn off this notification. You can quickly switch between tabs that are open, open a new tab without closing another, or close the current tab without closing the entire browser. Page 1. On the Home screen, click the Browser icon. On a webpage, press the key.

Click Home. In the General section, select the Enable Keyboard Shortcuts check box. Viewing, copying, and forwarding web addresses View the address for a web page On a web page, press the On a web page, click a media file. Click Open. Related information Supported audio and video file formats, 11 I cannot play a song or video on a web page, View a full picture on a webpage 1.

With the Social Feeds application, you can stay up-to-date with your social networks and view your RSS feeds in one location. For example, you can receive updates for weather reports, stock quotes, or breaking news.

When your device receives an update, a new browser push message might appear in the messages application or an icon on the Home screen might change to indicate that new information is available. I receive a prompt to switch networks when I stream a song or video If you receive a prompt to switch networks, you cannot stream songs or videos with the Internet connection that you are using. Page User Guide Browser Related information Close an application so that it is not running in the background, Open, close, or switch between tabs, On the Home screen, click the Calendar icon.

If you have multiple calendars on your device, you can schedule and manage appointments and meetings in each calendar. You can only check availability of meeting participants in your organization.

If you do not have the option to delegate a meeting invitation, you might be able to forward meeting invitations instead.

You might not have the option to delegate a meeting invitation if the meeting organizer has turned off meeting delegation. When the conference call meeting starts, participants who have a BlackBerry device can enter the conference call meeting with the Join Now option, if their device supports this feature.

For more information about managing conflicts that occur during organizer data synchronization, see the Help in the BlackBerry Desktop Software.

Calendar Shortcuts 3. Change the Keep Appointments field.

Show tasks in the calendar 1. On your computer, verify that you are using the correct default code page and that the correct font support is installed on your computer.

If the Join Now option appears and your device is connected to a CDMA network, you might need to change your smart dialing options so that you can enter the conference call using the Join Now option. Contacts 6.

About Categories Category names are not case sensitive. More than one category can apply to a contact, task, or memo. Synchronizing Contacts 4.

Personal Distribution Lists You can use personal distribution lists when you send email messages, PIN messages, or text messages. On the Home screen, click the Contacts icon.

For example, if your device is associated with a work email account and a personal email account, you might be able to view your work contact list and your personal contact list on your device. Contacts You can only synchronize the data in a custom contact list field with a text field in the email application on your computer.

Page User Guide Contacts To stop contact pictures from changing, you must change the options in each application that is replacing your contact pictures. Related information Add a contact picture for caller ID, 30 Change or delete a contact picture, On the Home screen or in the Applications folder, click the Clock icon. Note that you must be connected to the wireless network. For example, if you travel to a different time zone, you can display the time in your current location and the time in your home time zone.

Turn On Bedside Clock Mode User Guide Clock Turn on bedside clock mode You can set options for bedside clock mode so that you can view the clock without being interrupted by incoming calls or messages.

Tasks And Memos User Guide Tasks and memos Tasks and memos Create a task or memo You can create tasks in the Tasks application or Calendar application, and you can make any of your tasks visible in the calendar.

Turn off the prompt that appears before you delete items You can turn off the prompt that appears before you delete messages, call logs, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, memos, or passwords. Press and hold the key and click the trackpad. Spelling Checker User Guide Typing 2. Select the Key Tone check box. Turn off trackpad sounds 1. Custom Dictionary You can change the type and length of words that the spelling checker includes when checking spelling.

For example, you might not want the spelling checker to include acronyms or one-letter words. Word Substitution Word Substitution entry, the text changes after you press the Space key. For example, Word Substitution changes hte to the. You can create Word Substitution entries for your common typing mistakes or for abbreviations.

For example, you might create a Word Substitution entry that replaces ttyl with talk to you later. Typing Shortcuts User Guide Typing 2. Highlight a Word Substitution entry.

Press the key. Change the entry. Undo a Word Substitution change If the Word Substitution feature changes a word that you don't want to change, you can undo the change. Copy highlighted text Press the Alt key and click the trackpad. Typing I cannot type a password Verify that you are using the multi-tap input method.

Depending on your theme, you might not be able to change the application that is assigned to a Convenience key. A high sensitivity level requires less pressure than a lower sensitivity level. Language You can set a typing input language to use when you type. The typing input language can be different from the display language.

When you set a typing input language, Word Substitution and other typing options change to the selected language. Change the language 1. If you cannot see all your application icons, they might be hidden.

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You can make all your application icons visible on the Home screen or in folders by selecting Show All from the Home screen menu. Themes might be preloaded on your device, or you might be You can change the length of time that the backlight stays on when you are not touching your device. Get Your Gps Location The longitude and latitude coordinates for your current location appear. Maps GPS receiver to perform this task. Highlight an underlined address.

Page 6. Click Search. The mode that your device is in is displayed at the top of the map. If your device is in zoom mode, click the trackpad to switch to pan mode. Page User Guide Maps View contact information for a point of interest Points of interest are displayed on maps as location markers.

On a map or in a list of points of interest, highlight a point of interest. Maps Troubleshooting: Depending on your messaging service plan, some features or options might not be available in the message options on the Email Preferences screen. During a call, for example, you might want to switch to the calendar application to view your appointments or switch to the contacts application to look up a contact. You can also change your status and display picture. The duration of the update process can range from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the type of update, the amount of device data, and the number of applications on your BlackBerry device.

Depending on your wireless service provider, you might not be able to update your BlackBerry Device Software at certain times of the day, when there is a greater volume of network traffic. Manage Connections 2. The types of networks your device can connect to are listed in the brackets after your device model. You can also set your device to turn off data services when roaming.

Mobile Network For more information about roaming and roaming fees, contact your wireless service provider. Preferred Wireless Network List Your wireless service provider might have agreements with other wireless service providers that permit you to use their services when you are traveling.

Depending on your wireless service plan, this feature might not be supported. Your BlackBerry device connects to networks based on the order that they appear in the preferred network list. Error Messages Try the following actions: Your device uses the Wi-Fi network instead of the mobile network to visit web pages, send and receive email messages, and so on.

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If you turn off these prompts, you can turn them on again. Allow inter-access If you want to specify a recipient each time that you submit a report, do not set a default recipient. Bluetooth Technology After you pair the devices, you can connect the devices when the Bluetooth enabled device is within range of your BlackBerry device a typical range is approximately 10 meters. For best results, keep your BlackBerry device within direct line of sight of the Bluetooth enabled device.

Your BlackBerry device might attempt to connect to the Bluetooth enabled device automatically when Bluetooth technology is turned on and the devices are within range.

In the dialog box that appears on your device, click Yes. Restrict Outgoing Calls Description Wireless Bypass This service allows you to connect your BlackBerry device to a Bluetooth enabled computer that is running the BlackBerry Desktop Software so that you can send and receive email messages and synchronize your organizer data without using a connection to the wireless network.

Turn off Bluetooth connection notification 1. On the Home screen, click the connections area at the top of the screen, or click the Manage Connections icon.

Click Bluetooth Connections. Page Bluetooth enabled device. Many car kits need to discover your BlackBerry device rather than your BlackBerry device discovering the car kit. Power And Battery Depending on your theme, the location or name of the Power Off icon might differ from the location or name in this task. You can set your device to turn off while you aren't using it for an extended period, like when you sleep. For more information about inserting a media card into your device, see the printed documentation that came with your device.

You can delete applications and languages in this list. You can also choose to expand your search to the Internet. On the Home screen, in the upper-right corner, click the search icon. Name Specify one or more contacts or email addresses that your device should search for in messages.

Delete Document

Change Or Delete A Sim Card Contact Depending on your wireless service provider and wireless network, this feature might not be supported. Page User Guide Security 4. Change the Password Keeper password 1. On the Home screen or in the Applications folder, click the Password Keeper icon. Delete a password from the password keeper 1. Your device decrypts data as you access it. Memory Cleaning 1. Certificates A certificate is a digital document that binds the identity and public key of a certificate subject.

Page When you enroll with a certificate authority profile, the latest certificate is downloaded to your BlackBerry device and added to your certificate list. The certificate authority profile shows the status of the certificate.

If the certificate is scheduled to expire soon you can re-enroll with the certificate authority profile to receive an updated certificate. The certificate chain is trusted and valid, and the revocation status of the certificate chain is good. The revocation status of the certificate chain is unknown, or a public key for a certificate in the certificate chain is weak. Your device does not update the revocation status on the certificate authority or CRL servers.Instant Messaging Chat with friends or colleagues.

The English, Spanish and also French Language. Ring Tones, Sounds, and Alerts. Forward a Text Message. Change alarm notification options Page 26 Turn on encryption, Tips: