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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Why is it taking longer for some of my NOOK Books, magazines, apps and NOOK Kids' books to . My newspaper/magazine didn't show up on my NOOK. Why?. NOOK ReadingTM for Android doesn't install on my smartphone or tablet. What do I . I'm having trouble downloading my books to my Android device. What do. Christine US said: I downloadd several Nook books off the site on my Nook directly, I didn't know that you could download your books.

My Nook Book Didnt

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I mostly use Kindle, but have over Nook books (+ are on Kindle). . I didn't know about the update for my old Nook and my new. When a pre-ordered book didn't show up in my Nook library today, I called customer service, and my experience was less than stellar. The customer service rep I. Have you looked in your B&N account to see if those books are in your . someone didn't just delete it and give me a chance to download the book.

The hackers added several features, including a new menu design for the control screen and the option to install apps.

How to Transfer Nook Books to a Different Nook

That feature never came to much due to the limitations of the OS. This ereader also had a clone, the Spring Design Alex , which was announced a few weeks before and released a few months later.

The Alex had a very similar design, only it was thinner and much more capable I have one. The lawsuit was settled in March without decisively proving the point one way or the other.

O O O Dear Valued Customer, Over eight years ago, we launched our first Nook eReader, and we were thrilled to have you as one of our first customers for what has become a tradition of offering great books on demand to readers. We want to thank you for your loyalty and continued support of the Nook 1st Edition and Nook products. For example, if you read on a Nook ereader, you can use the DRM-stripping instructions I posted in late to automatically transfer your ebooks off of your device and on to a computer via a USB cable.

I updated those instructions in late , so they don't quite match the current version of Calibre, but they can still be used as a guideline. If you don't have a Nook device, I think your best bet would be to install either NookStudy or Nook4PC and use those apps to download your ebooks. Of course, they can't download everything, just the ebooks which they can open N4PC does not support digital comics, for example.

But what if you don't want to strip the DRM, but simply want to download the ebooks?

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In that case, you might want to consider a handy little userscript for Firefox and Chrome. It's really easy to use, and it doesn't do anything other than help you download an ebook. It won't strip the DRM, but it does give you a copy of your downloads.

These are plugins which you will need to run the script. You can find the script at this link. I got it to work on both Chrome and Firefox. As you can see in the screen shot below, it adds a download link, not a button. They should have gone all-in and said it was part of the War Against Terror.

The worst part about these kinds of lies is that they also insult our intelligence. You can access them at any time by signing in to your BN. From there, you can download them any time to your handheld device or computer. Sad but true: How can this NOT be shooting themselves in the foot?

B&N Nook is Failing Because They Make Customers Hate Them

So … yeah. It would be confusing to Nook users if they were able to install a second copy of the Nook reader on their device. So they disallow it. In both cases, the prohibition is only against the Google Play Store downloading the app to a hardware device that self-identifies as a Nook. You can still install them from a third-party app store such as OneMobile.

Meanwhile, I happily download from Smashwords, Weightless, Gumroad, the various bundle sites and other indie ebook vendors precisely because I can just pay and download — I pounced on the recent Humble Bundle Star Trek comic collection and will be picking up the Valiant bundle soon.

How to Download Nook eBooks

Actually the Harry Potters among many, many others were scanned and the resulting images run through OCR software, then the resulting miss of spill chucker airs was hand-edited. You probably need to update this again. I just wanted to throw this out there in case there are others with the Glowlight Plus.

I have the original Nook. It is claimed that can surf the net on a crude browser but I have never been able to access it despite the Youtube videos. I received the email. It says it must be updated before June FWIW, I have a glow light, simple touch, and original color.

Btw, Free Friday nook books are mostly duds, imo. If this is still of any interest to anyone: If you have a rooted Nook, the update will try to install with an active Wifi running mostly on sundays and will fail.

There is a method to update and root afterwards again, which is detailed in https: Today when I attempted to down load a book from the cloud I was unable to do so.

After several fruitless attempts to find the problem. When I explained my problem I was shuttled off to another company to to help me with my problem.

I finally found a help line on the corporate page and talked with some woman who really knew about as much as I do about computers i. At NO time did anyone mention the need to down load the new update.

When I explained my problem she informed me that many people were having the same issue and told me about your web site. Problem easy to solve.

Barnes & Noble is Ending Support for the Original Nook eReader

Obviously they had to know or at least suspect what the problem was but at no time did they ask or even mention update. Disgraceful treatment of a loyal customer. Any suggestions? I agree with you! Some type of update was pushed to our 1st edition nook today or recently that logged us out and no longer can get back on as it is after the June 30th date. Just discovered today that my first edition Nook is now useless unless I want to read my old books again.

The least you could do is offer a discount on a newer model to the customers you screwed. I just turned on my nook color for the first time in about a year and I was able to get an automatic update with the newest software. All you need to do is connect to your Barnes and noble account from a different device. Make sure ure you have your nook connected to your wifi. Once your signed in on the other device you should receive the latest version on your nook with in a half hour.Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Author Joanna Penn has said this editor allows her to easily switch in new front and back matter or fix errors without having to upload it all over again.

Barnes and Noble has been operating a Windows 8 e-reading app since that allows users to download e-books and magazines. Any suggestions?

Obviously they had to know or at least suspect what the problem was but at no time did they ask or even mention update. I didn't realize I still had one on my account until I got this email.

O wonder you are loosing business. It starts off with this physical analogy.