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Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. God Chasers Book PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. god-chasers-book-pdf. manga chasers' coolest free pdf ebooks! here you'll find drawings, sketches Destiny Image Books by Tommy Tenney The God Chasers: My Soul Follows Hard.

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The God Chasers book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Meet Tommy Tenney - God chaser. Join him in his search for God. Fo. I first picked up a copy of The God Chasers off the bestseller shelf at my bookstore Tommy Tenney, in his book The God Chasers, has captured the attention. Used with permission. Unless otherwise identified, Scripture quotations are from the God Chasers Extreme New Testament. Please note that Destiny Image's.

The following Wednesday, as I was standing in the kitchen, the pastor called again. He said, Tommy, weve been friends for years now. And I dont know that Ive ever asked anybody to come back for a second Sunday in a rowbut The God Chasers would you come back here next Sunday too? I agreed. We could tell that God was up to something.

Was the pursuer now being pursued? Were we about to be apprehended by that which we ourselves were chasing? No one wanted to leave the building after the Sunday night service. What should we do? We should have a prayer meeting on Monday night, I said, with no other agenda.

Lets gauge the hunger of the people and see whats happening. Four hundred people showed up that Monday for the prayer meeting, and all we did was seek the face of God.

Something was definitely going on. A minuscule crack was appearing in the brass heavens over the city of Houston. Collective hunger was crying for a corporate visitation. I went back home and by Wednesday the pastor was on the phone again, saying, Tommy, can you come back again for Sunday? I heard past his words and listened to his heart. He really was not interested in me coming back.

What he and I both wanted was God. He is a fellow God chaser and we were in hot pursuit. His church had fueled a flaming hunger in me.

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They too had been preparing for pursuit. There was a sense that we were close to catching Him. Thats an interesting phrase, isnt it? Catching Him. Really, its an impossible phrase. We can no more catch Him than the east can catch the west; theyre too far removed from each other.

Its like playing chase with my daughter. Often as she arrives home from a day of school, we play this little game that countless fathers and children play around the world.

When she comes and tries to catch me, even with my hulking frame, I really dont have to run. I just artfully dodge this way and then that, and she cant even touch me, because a six-year-old cant catch an adult. But thats not really the purpose of the game, because a few minutes into it, she laughingly says, Oh daddy, and its at that moment that she captures my heart, if not my presence or body.

And then I turn and shes no longer chasing me, but Im chasing her, and I catch her and we tumble in the Pursuing the Lover of Your Heart grass with hugs and kisses. The pursuer becomes the pursued. So can we catch Him? Not really, but we can catch His heart.

David did. And if we catch His heart, then He turns and chases us. Thats the beauty of being a God chaser. Youre chasing the impossible, knowing its possible. This body of believers in Houston had two scheduled services on Sundays. The first morning service started at , and the second one followed and began at When I returned for the third weekend, while in the hotel, I sensed a heavy anointing of some kind, a brooding of the Spirit, and I literally wept and trembled.

You Could Barely Breathe The following morning, we walked into the building for the Sunday service expecting to see the usual early morning first service sleepy crowd with their low-key worship. As I walked in to sit down in the front row that morning, the presence of God was already in that place so heavily that the air was thick. You could barely breathe. The musicians were clearly struggling to continue their ministry; their tears got in the way.

Music became more difficult to play.

Finally, the presence of God hovered so strongly that they couldnt sing or play any longer. The worship leader crumpled in sobs behind the keyboard. If there was one good decision I made in life, it was made that day. I had never been this close to catching God, and I was not going to stop.

So I spoke to my wife, Jeannie. You should go continue to lead us to Him. Jeannie has an anointing to lead people into the presence of God as a worshiper and intercessor. She quietly moved to the front and continued to facilitate the worship and ministry to the Lord. It wasnt anything fancy; it was just simple. That was the only appropriate response in that moment. The atmosphere reminded me of the passage in Isaiah 6, something Id read about, and even dared dream I might experience myself.

In this passage the glory of the Lord filled the temple. Id never understood what it meant for the glory of the The God Chasers Lord to fill a place. I had sensed God come in places, I had sensed Him come by, but this time in Houston, even after there was all of God that I thought was available in the building, more of His presence literally packed itself into the room. Its like the bridal train of a bride that, after she has personally entered the building, her bridal train continues to enter the building after her.

God was there; of that there was no doubt. But more of Him kept coming in the place until, as in Isaiah, it literally filled the building. At times the air was so rarefied that it became almost unbreathable.

Oxygen came in short gasps, seemingly. Muffled sobs broke through the room. In the midst of this, the pastor turned to me and asked me a question. Tommy, are you ready to take the service? Pastor, Im just about half-afraid to step up there, because I sense that God is about to do something. Tears were streaming down my face when I said that.

I wasnt afraid that God was going to strike me down, or that something bad was going to happen. I just didnt want to interfere and grieve the precious presence that was filling up that room! For too long we humans have only allowed the Holy Spirit to take control up to a certain point. Basically, whenever it gets outside of our comfort zone or just a little beyond our control, we pull in the reins the Bible calls it quenching the Spirit in First Thessalonians We stop at the tabernacle veil too many times.

I feel like I should read Second Chronicles , and I have a word from the Lord, my pastor friend said. With profuse tears I nodded assent and said, Go, go. My friend is not a man given to any kind of outward demonstration; he is essentially a man of even emotions. But when he got up to walk to the platform, he appeared visibly shaky. At this point I so sensed something was about to happen, that I walked all the way from the front row to the back of the room to stand by the sound booth.

I knew God was going to do something; I just didnt know where. I was on the front row, and it could happen behind me or to the side of me. I wasnt even sure that it was going to happen on the platform, but I knew something was going to happen. God, I want to be able to see whatever it is You are about to do. My pastor friend stepped up to the clear2 pulpit in the center of the platform, opened the Bible, and quietly read the gripping passage from Second Chronicles If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Then he closed his Bible, gripped the edges of the pulpit with trembling hands, and said, The word of the Lord to us is to stop seeking His benefits and seek Him. We are not to seek His hands any longer, but seek His face. In that instant, I heard what sounded like a thunderclap echo through the building, and the pastor was literally picked up and thrown backward about ten feet, effectively separating him from the pulpit. When he went backward, the pulpit fell forward.

The beautiful flower arrangement positioned in front of it fell to the ground, but by the time the pulpit hit the ground, it was already in two pieces.

The God Chasers: "My Soul Follows Hard After Thee"

It had split into two pieces almost as if lightning had hit it! At that instant the tangible terror of the presence of God filled that room. People Began to Weep and Wail I quickly stepped to the microphone from the back of the room and said, In case you arent aware of it, God has just moved into this place.

The pastor is fine. Only his hand trembled slightly to give proof of life. While all of this happened, the ushers quickly ran to the front to check on the pastor and to pick up the two pieces of The God Chasers the split pulpit. No one really paid much attention to the split pulpit; we were too occupied with the torn heavenlies. The presence of God had hit that place like some kind of bomb. People began to weep and to wail. I said, If youre not where you need to be, this is a good time to get right with God.

Ive never seen such an altar call. It was pure pandemonium. People shoved one another out of the way. They wouldnt wait for the aisles to clear; they climbed over pews, businessmen tore their ties off, and they were literally stacked on top of one another, in the most horribly harmonious sound of repentance you ever heard.

Just the thought of it still sends chills down my back. When I gave the altar call then for the a. When it was time for the service to begin, nobody had left the building. The people were still on their faces and, even though there was hardly any music being played at this point, worship was rampant and uninhibited. Grown men were ballet dancing; little children were weeping in repentance. People were on their faces, on their feet, on their knees, but mostly in His presence.

There was so much of the presence and the power of God there that people began to feel an urgent need to be baptized. I watched people walk through the doors of repentance, and one after another experienced the glory and the presence of God as He came near.

Then they wanted baptized, and I was in a quandary about what to do. The pastor was still unavailable on the floor. Prominent people walked up to me and stated, Ive got to be baptized.

Somebody tell me what to do. They joined with the parade of the unsaved, who were now saved, provoked purely by encountering the presence of God.

See a Problem?

There was no sermon and no real songjust His Spirit that day. Two and a half hours had passed, and since the pastor had only managed to wiggle one finger at that point to call the elders to him, the ushers had carried him to his office. Meanwhile, all these people were asking me or anyone else they could find if Pursuing the Lover of Your Heart they could be baptized.

As a visiting minister at the church, I didnt want to assume the authority to tell anyone to baptize these folks, so I sent people back to the pastors office to see if he would authorize the water baptisms. I gave one altar call after another, and hundreds of people were coming forward. As more and more people came to me asking about water baptism, I noticed that no one I had sent to the pastors office had returned. Finally I sent a senior assistant pastor back there and told him, Please find out what Pastor wants to do about the water baptismsnobody has come back to tell me yet.

The man stuck his head in the pastors office, and to his shock he saw the pastor still lying before the Lord, and everyone I had sent there was sprawled on the floor too, just weeping and repenting before God. He hurried back to tell me what he had seen and added, Ill go ask him, but if I go in that office I may not be back either.

We Baptized People for Hours I shrugged my shoulders and agreed with the associate pastor, I guess its all right to baptize them.

So we began to baptize people as a physical sign of their repentance before the Lord, and we ended up baptizing people for hours. More and more people kept pouring in, and since the people from the early service were still there, there were cars parked everywhere outside the church building. A big open-air ball field next to the building was filled with cars parked every which way. As people drove onto the parking lot, they sensed the presence of God so strongly that some began to weep uncontrollably.

They just found themselves driving up onto the parking lot or into the grass not knowing what was going on. Some started to get out of their cars and barely managed to stagger across the parking lot. Some came inside the building only to fall to the floor just inside the doors. The hard-pressed ushers had to literally pull the helpless people away from the doors and stack them up along the walls of the hallways to clear the entrance.

Others managed to make it part way down the hallways, and some made it to the foyer before they fell on their faces in repentance. They just made for the altar. No matter what they did or how far they made it, it wasnt long before they began to weep and repent.

As I said, there wasnt any preaching. There wasnt even any music part of the time. Primarily one thing happened that day: The presence of God showed up. When that happens, the first thing you do is the same thing Isaiah did when he saw the Lord high and lifted up. He cried out from the depths of his soul: Then said I, Woe is me! You see, the instant Isaiah the prophet, the chosen servant of God, saw the King of glory, what he used to think was clean and holy now looked like filthy rags.

That Sunday we seemed to come so close; we almost caught Him. Now I know its possible. They Came Right Back for More People just kept filling the auditorium again and again, beginning with that strange service that started at that morning. I finally went to eat at around that afternoon, and then came right back to the church building.

Many never left. The continuous Sunday morning service lasted until Monday morning.

(PDF Download) The God Chasers: My Soul Follows Hard After Thee Download

We didnt have to announce our plans for Monday evening. Everybody already knew. Frankly, there would have been a meeting whether we announced it or not.

The people simply went home to get some sleep or do the things they had to do, and they came right back for morenot for more of men and their programs, but for God and His presence. Night after night, the pastor and I would come in and say, What are we going to do? Most of the time our answer to one another was just as predictable: What do you want to do? What does He want to do? Sometimes wed go in and start trying to have church, but the crying hunger of the people would quickly draw in the presence of God and suddenly God had us!

Listen, my friend, God doesnt care about your music, your midget steeples, and your flesh-impressive buildings. Why does the author overlook the command to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel"?

This is the way we are commanded to evangelize. Biblically, we are called to preach sin and repentance, and then offer cleansing and forgiveness through Christ for those that repent. Having great church services with God's presence is great We must be obedient to the Word of God and DO what we are called to do BOTH are required to bring about genuine revival in America Lastly, the author makes idiotic statements like "I'm afraid that we have satiated our hunger for Him by reading old love letters from Him to the churches in the Epistles of the New Testament.

These are good, holy, and necessary, but we never have intimacy with Him. We have stifled our hunger for His presence by doing things for Him. Isn't Jesus the Word made flesh? Aren't the two things one in the same? One cannot separate God from the Word that goes forth because they are the same thing.

The Word is essential God does not and will never contradict His Word. Church services don't change lives, but God's Word does. The author needs to recant of putting God's Word on a lower shelf and from placing experiences over it. There are several smaller issues I take with the book, but it would be redundant to mention them here. Overall, I like the premise of the book, but the doctrine is atrocious and taxing, to say the least.

I once told someone that when it comes to books like these, "I can eat the chicken and spit out the bones. May I humbly suggest skipping this boney little chicken and perhaps dining on a steak dinner prepared by A.

Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, J. Ryle, or the like?There was a sense that we were close to catching Him. You have to find the book elsewhere bookstore, library, online, etc. Wigglesworth as long as he kept going. The Bible says something very surprising about the Kingdom of Heaven. It has a blessing in it just reading it.