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Laurelin Paige is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Laurelin Paige Author () cover image of Forever with You. Hudson. Fixed (Series). Book 4. Laurelin Paige Author (). cover image of Hudson Book 5. Laurelin Paige Author (). cover image of Forever with You. Forever. Had anyone told Alice Bell that her entire life would change course Found in You - Laurelin . Fixed on You - Paige,

Forever With You Laurelin Paige Epub

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Four Seconds to Lose_ A Novel - K. A. MB . Let Love In (Love #1) by Melissa .. Forever with You (Fixed #3) by Laurelin Paige. ENGLISH BOOKLAND, do you also have "One Night With You?:) Нравится Показать . Paige, Laurelin - Fixed Forever (Paige Press LLC).epub. КБ. [Fixed, #3] – Forever with You by Laurelin Paige [EPUB][]-UBTRG.

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[PDF]Forever with You (Fixed) Book Free Download ( pages)

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Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton delivers another delicious, frothy cocktail of a book, shaking up her characters, stirring in laugh-out-loud humor, and serving sizzling romance straight up! Alice Clayton. Rusty Nailed 1 of 6. Rusty Nailed 2 of 6. Rusty Nailed 3 of 6. Rusty Nailed 4 of 6.

Rusty Nailed 5 of 6. Rusty Nailed 6 of 6. Alice Clayton - Rusty Nailed. Best audiobooks in English Nov 18, at They decide that the only way they can move forward together is with open doors and transparency.

Alayna, in particular, has grown through their trials, and has emerged more confident and faithful to the man she loves. But while the pair is focused on the future, their past shows up again to threaten their fragile bond.

Promises that were made are broken, and Alayna learns that Hudson still has very potent secrets—secrets that will tear them both apart. As much as she feels for him, her ability to forgive and forget is tested beyond her limits. Even though she found the only man who could fix her, a forever with Hudson seems more and more out of reach. Laurelin Paige. Forever With You 1 of 6.

Forever With You 2 of 6. Forever With You 3 of 6. Forever With You 4 of 6. Forever With You 5 of 6. Forever With You 6 of 6. Laurelin Paige - Forever With You. Best audiobooks in English Dec 12, at Mace broke up with her, though, and the loss of him rocked her world. If you loved Gideon Cross, then you have to meet Hudson Pierce! View all 44 comments. But hey here I am going back wanting to catch up on old series, so why not right??

I have to say that initially it didn't grab me in full force that I usually like, I love Hudson and his dominant personality and magnitude, and likewise Alayna and her kickass strength that I loved. But this series has a very important 4.

But this series has a very important plot that bit by bit unraveled as I read it, as I started to see into the secret, lies and characters that I enjoyed to hate and detest!!!

I was seeing why certain people were important to how things were mapped out, why hudsons mum acted the way she is, who Hudsons father is?? I loved everything about learning the importance of their roles, and to me this was like a puzzle that I was trying to put together before it happened.

If you've read it you'll understand what I'm trying to say here. Sensual, intriguing Beautiful intrquiete plot Sexy, magnetic characters that had me holding on for dear life.. I have met my new BFF broken heroes having me grabbing ahold of the words I want to savour them, hold them and help them Alayna is vulnerable because of her addiction, which are the kind of qualities I love. She's sassy and Fiesty and strong because of how she lives and how she deals with the hand she's been given.

But I adore the way she handles herself likewise. Looking forward to reading Gwens books at some point. View all 31 comments. Dec 11, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: Since I really liked the previous two books in the series, I was very much looking forward to find out how Hudson and Alayna's story would end. Throughout the story, Alayna's jealousy and insecurity did annoy me at times, though I did understand where she was coming from.

And Hudson has become even more swoon worthy now that he's finally admitting his true feelings toward Alayna, even though it takes him quite a while to get there. And I know you'll be the last.

Her commitment issues were of the kind that she always got too attached to the men in her life and even went as far as too stalk them and follow them around when they didn't return her affections. But now that she's finally overcome her stalker tendencies, she's been able to build up a seemingly healthy and stable relationship with Hudson, who never judged her because of her past. Still, the fact that Hudson believed Celia over her for a short period of time hurt her more than she could have imagined.

It has made her self esteem fragile and she's become even more insecure than before. Then, there's the fact that Celia keeps coming back into her and Hudson's life which makes it all the more difficult for her to get past her trust issues.

You belong with me. I won't let anything come between us. I won't let anything hurt you. From the moment he realized how many women were attracted to him and how easily it was for him to manipulate them with his charm, he's made it his sport to play women by making them fall for him and then leave them heartbroken behind.

But Alayna has always been different. She's the only one who's been able to brake through his exterior and find a way into his heart. Still, he hasn't told her all of his darkest secrets and he's afraid that when he does, she'll never be able to forgive him. So, he tries to deflect and avoid her many questions. But in the end it's proven once again that keeping secrets never turns out so great I give myself freely.

All of me, Alayna. No more walls or secrets or games or lies. I give you all of me, honestly. For forever, if you'll take it. It was original, with just the right amount of drama and the perfect combination of romance and passion. I was happy with the way the story ended even though I would have liked the epilogue to be a little longer but that's just a minor detail.

All in all, Forever With You was the perfect conclusion to Hudson and Laynie's story and I'm already looking forward to Gwen's story in the spin-off of this series. You're the one who paved it. Jul 21, Tokies rated it it was amazing. OMG this book almost got me fired from my job it was that good.

This story was mother fucking TOLD View all 7 comments. Jan 09, Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads rated it it was amazing. I'm actually teary writing this review and I feel sad. It's a mix between a series hangover and depression.

Is this really our last Huds book? I can't believe it!!!!! I don't want to believe it: Honestly third books are tough. The sex is always a little heavy, the plot can get boring, it can be overly sappy - almost losing the angst that the first two in the series had.

It's really hard. But I'd say Forever with You was not. She breaks us I'm was on the floor crying, "What!!! How could you? What the hell? Or at least I didn't. I'm terrible at figuring things out, so it hit me like a bulldozer. Remember the end of book two? Seriously, Hud's and Alayna have a lot to work through. Not only getting past what happened at the end of book two when Hud's didn't believe her, but the feeling of betrayal that she carries with her.

It's a push and pull of whether Alayna should trust this man she loves, who says he's transparent, but really isn't. Hudson is hiding something and refuses to open up to her. He's always asking her to trust him. But, trust is earned and this book is ALL based on this couple building that trust! You know really I love Alayna. I really do. I "get her. Haven't you ever sneaked or probed on your hubs or boyfriend? She's just relatable. I always feel what she feels!

I get jealous with her , turned on with her, angry with her, hurt with her, broken with her and crazy with her. I felt like I became her in this series. She's seeking validation. Talk about growing up. God, I honestly love the girl. I have to say she may be my favorite female fictional character. I just feel like I get her.

Hudson, boy oh boy. Hud's, he's I was fucking stunned while reading. I'm not going to lie!!! I might have wanted to kick the shit out of him. Maybe even maim him at one point. But oh my God, I love freaking the man. He grows up too! He's deliciously dominant, but so sweet and marshmallowy on the inside..

Hud's and Alayna's story grows. We may think we know Hudson Pierce but we don't!!! The plot sizzles in the final book and the punches that are thrown are epic. Overall this is a FIVE star series for me. I love them both and I'm sad it's done!!!!!!! View all 12 comments. MY Conscious: My Thoughts: Fixed trilogy was one of those series that sat on my TBR shelf gathering dust while I flicked through different genes one after the other That way it didn't matter I pulled at all-nighter to finish up the book because I was too hyped to fall asleep.

I think the real reason I enjoyed this specific trilogy, was due to the fact I had nev 24 Hours I think the real reason I enjoyed this specific trilogy, was due to the fact I had never come across a couple with obsessive issues before While she tended to get obsessed with people.. He loved getting people to obsess over him..

I'll admit,in one way their relationship did seem a bit dysfunctional at first.. Would I recommend this book? Probably yes.. For once the story line felt fresh and un-used.. Yes,it did had a bit of an erotica factor.. So yes I'm glad I gave this a go. Fixed on you: View all 20 comments. Accelerating tension and angst Big ugly secret. Remember "Cruel Intentions"? Bigger love than the big ugly secret.

Right amount of groveling. Excellent ending. She's not just my reason for breathing, she's air itself. She's the meaning behind every one of my thoughts, every thrum of my pulse, every whisper of my conscience.

She's my entire everything. It's as simple and as complex as that. Although I am still not sure if I like Hudson View all 22 comments.

We pick up at about where we left off from the last book. Hudson and Laynie are back together, but still on shaky ground. Laynie is still very much hurting over the fact that Hudson believed Celia's lies over Laynie's truths!! In the beginning of the story, I really couldn't stand Laynie. Even though Hudson apologized to her and the truth of Celia's deceptions were out, she still had moments where she was a blubbering idiot.

Forever with You

Bitch Celia is still present in this one. I was hoping the bitch would take a flying leap off the Empire State Building!!! She was just constantly following Laynie around, and I knew the bitch still had something up her sleeve.

He was so attentive to Laynie in every way and I just thought it was weird that he loved when she would have her super jealous and possessive episodes over him. He claimed that it made him feel loved, but it just gave me an uneasy feeling. Hudson admitted that he would pretend to be into women in the past just for fun. He was the master manipulator. I thought of the movie "Cruel Intentions". This had to be what was going on. Hudson was pretending to be in love with Laynie. Hudson is hiding stuff from Laynie.

He's making late night calls to one of his female employees and having business meetings with her outside of work. This sets off Laynie's old insecurities and she starts acting like the crazy jealous girlfriend with stalkerish tendencies.

At this point I'm still really not liking Laynie, but loving Hudson. Unfortunately, truths are revealed and I was only partially right about what I thought was going on. I felt really bad for Laynie. She was so utterly devastated. I have to say that eventually Laynie pulls herself together and she had truly grown.

She didn't fall back into her old habits. She was stronger. I admired her strength in the end. I knew Hudson had to go through hell to win her back. I loved how he handled Celia!! The bitch gets it back ten fold!!! He really turned out to be such an incredible Swoonworthy book boyfriend and he is the main reason why I rated this series highly.

Without him, I'd have given this a three. My only complaint about Hudson, was his term of endearment, "precious". How is that sexy??! I kept picturing, Gollum, from "The Lord of the Rings"!! Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I loved the Epilogue!!

View all 38 comments. Aug 03, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hudson Pierce I've loved each book, but I think this one was the best I loved Hudson just as much in this one as the others and I ended up liking Alayna even more this time.

I know many got tired of her whining and jealousy throughout this series..

Most of the issues with Hudson and Alayna in this installment, I feel, lay squarely on t Hudson Pierce Most of the issues with Hudson and Alayna in this installment, I feel, lay squarely on the shoulders of Hudson Pierce..

As much as I love that man, I seriously wanted to kick his ass.. One that I totally did not see coming! And the more I think about this secret..

Hudson didn't want to play because he fell for Alayna But in the end, fantastic series! View 2 comments. This series has the hottest covers.. Thank you Laurelin for not fucking the book up!! D Very rarely do you get to see the last book of a series which is actually good and lives up to people's expectations. I'm so glad this book lived up: D I truly enjoyed reading this book, it was wonderful.

View all 5 comments. Another couple that have cemented themselves as favorites of mine. I love a book that you cannot put down, I was trying to read every chance I get, at work, when I stopped at the traffic lights and definitely did not sleep that night trying to finish it! Yup I was it's bitch!!! It was amazing, certainly outdid the previous two books in terms of angst, drama, steam, plot twists and had moments of humor that made me laugh I am definitely in love with Jack, Hudson's father In 'Forever With You', the plot does not drag, no boring bits that are there to fill pages.

We finally get closure and learn all of Hudson's secrets, some of these did not endear him to me but he does make up for it at the end and redeems himself in a big way. Alayna's vulnerability, raw emotions and struggle not to slip into old habits were hard to read, felt her pain and who could blame her for acting up, Hudson's mysterious actions would have driven anyone into going crazy! Alayna- I loved Hudson Pierce with every fiber of my being.

Even his flaws and imperfections attracted me to him. They made him who he was. And I wanted all of him. I wanted to give him all of me. We also get a chapter from Hudson's POV, loved it! Hudson- Whatever it was, there was a definite recognition of her soul by mine. An awareness of something greater that tied us to each other upon first acquaintance. He was protective, sweet, tender and loving and at times a complete asshole but most of all he was still the same sexy insatiable Hudson!

Hudson- It will be easier to keep her naked on a private beach than at the site of an ancient ruin or in an art museum. View all 15 comments. They are trying to learn from their past mistakes, and be open and honest with each other.

Laynie really grows in her confidence in this book, but is also extremely annoying at times. Sometimes I wanted to just shake some sense into her. There is plenty of angst, jealousy, and drama. I continue to want bitch Celia to just fall off a cliff.

Secrets explode, and their relationship is challenged, but the one thing that never changes is their love for one another. They really have true, deep feelings for each other, and continue to learn they aren't perfect, but are perfect for each other. They figure out they will do just about anything to be together, and learn to forgive and believe in each other. No matter what happens, they always seem to find their way back to one another.

Hudson Pierce continues to be my favorite thing about this series! He is still delicious as ever and I just can't help but love him! The way he fights for her was just swoon worthy! I thought this was a wonderful conclusion to the series, and an absolutely beautiful HEA! Loving me thoroughly with his body. Loving me entirely without words. Loving me completely. He was so hot. I didn't think I could ever get tired of how delicious his body was.

And he was all mine. It's yours. He was my life force, each pulse of my heart sending another shock of love through my body. Maybe I couldn't read all of my own emotions, but in his gaze I saw three with clarity. Surprise, elation. And, clear as day, I saw love. And the solidness of his body, his strong arms, his muscled chest- he was my foundation. Sturdy and fixed. I had to swallow.

There wasn't any sight on Earth that compared to the mouth-watering deliciousness in front of me. And it was all mine. As if some part of me had always known she was out there, had been waiting for her to come and bring me to life. View all 28 comments. Jun 03, alyssa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Review to come: View 1 comment.

Jun 15, Bibi rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. Repetitive, inconsistent, derivative. I am beyond happy with the conclusion for Hudson and Alayna Laurelin Paige knocked this out! With one finger he lifted my chin to meet his eyes. Yep, he even says so for the first time, and he continues to say it making my heart swell. She could have easily made me hate this series, especially since her wackiness is over the top here, but who am i to argue with who H loves?

Also, Celia Werner is still present, still a complete bitch and she is pure evil, so i felt for Alayna! So, I put the crazy aside and said YES to loving Hudson and the tale that was woven into their lives.

There has always been a sense of unease to this read, a true longing for goodness. I only ever felt at ease when they were wrapped in each other With us it was speech. Well, you are going to have to read to find that out! I was a bit emotionally rocked by the answer! I applaud the character transformation as Alayna grew spine and Hudson grew heart. I also applaud he conclusion that was no let down, and I mostly applaud the continued heat and fire that never fizzled from book 1.

Hudson Pierce, I put you in my top 5 book boyfriend as i will definitely go back and re-read those "i love yous" "i need yous" and "you are my worlds" that came out of your beautiful mouth! View all 13 comments. Who cares that they are messed up? I have stated it and I will say it again Normal is overrated and damaged is the new sexy!

Secrets once again threaten their relationship and in they reluctance to hurt each other they inflict more damage. Will love prevail? Because passion was never their problem. Sexy and thrilling the Fixed series finale help me breathless, glued to its page and my panties a mess View all 16 comments.

Apr 02, Anja rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'm so happy right now! Everything was Sep 10, Polly rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Dear Lord that was a train wreck. I had such high hopes with this series when I read book 1. Yes they had issues but instead of getting better together they continued to fuck up every day! It's like 1 day couldn't go by with no drama.

This latest installment was no different. They solved everything with sex. Alayna was a whiney little bitch. Hudson with held information and refused to tell her. Even then she begged him to stay?!

Say goodbye and grow some balls, woman! She was the issue wi Dear Lord that was a train wreck. She was the issue with all 3 books. Zero originality. At least bring something fresh to the table. When the truth came out it was that Hudson started the relationship with her as a game with Celia.

Well thank God! She finally grew a pair. What does she do after crying for days? Goes to his loft to smell his sheets. You have got to be kidding me. Chick is fucked. I will say the only thing that sorta saved this book was Hudson groveling. He did do a good grovel. I know this review is all over the place but I just finished reading and it's all rambling in my head.

On a whole I'm not impressed with the series. It was drawn out and repeatative. Unfortunately, the final book in this series has left me a bit disappointed. Before I begin with my issues, I want to say that regardless of them, I still couldn't put my kindle down and devoured the book in a day.

Alayna's issues drove me crazy! All the strength I though she had in the first book slowly drifted away with each passing paragraph. She wasn't sharing what she was feeling.

She was getting more and more paranoid, jealous and obsessive with her behavior. And her reasoning was manipulative As the book wore on, I found I had a mantra when it came to Alayna However, Hudson holds some blame as well.

Keeping such a big secret from Alayna, which could have been resolved with a heartfelt conversation earlier in their relationship, was definitely not cool.

Laurelin Paige

And due to his fear, he kept dismissing Alayna's concerns and refused to talk to her about very important issues. With regards to the big reveal: I feel like Alayna WAY over-reacted. If she would have pulled her head out of her ass long enough to hear him out, he would have been able to explain and ultimately apologize, for not telling her sooner.

The majority of his actions were easily seen and felt as sincere, but she was so distraught by the "betrayal" that she couldn't see around it. I think maybe I was just fed up with her at that point that I couldn't feel too bad. He had caught her in the arms of a man that they both knew, and had acknowledged, was in love with her. She knew it was wrong to dance with him But without her distraught behavior, then we couldn't have been set up with pages and pages of Hudson groveling.

Ok, rant over. A large part of my frustration with this final installment could have been solved with dual POV's. Being solely in Alayna's head made me feel slightly OCD myself. But I am happy that we got a glimpse inside of Hudson's head in the epilogue. Also, sex doesn't solve everything. These two were fucking like rabbits instead of talking their issues out.

And the moment they'd start getting somewhere, ooops out comes Hudson's cock and oooops there goes Alayna's brain function.

I'm thinking Alayna should have used her rubberband technique when she was overcome with lust.

Just a reminder, Talk things out first. Sex is the reward Overall, this was a series that started strong, but ultimately lost its luster in increments with each passing book. Though the characters and story frustrated me, I have definitely become a fan of Laurelin Paige's writing. She created memorable characters loved Jack's dirty sense of humor and Mira was unbelievably endearing I'm off to find out what Hudson has to say about all of this.

I really need to see what was going through his head and why he acted the way he did in certain circumstances. And for the love of God, why was he friends with Celia!!

View all 19 comments. Jan 12, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: What a load of clusterfuck moments we had here. This book make me annoyed, angry, frustrated, infuriated and basically wanted to strangle fictional people or maybe I need a really strong drink. I might just end up being Sophia's drinking buddy.

I've read all 3 books back to back and this one was the one with the most revelation and WTF moment. Remember Stacy who wanted to show Laynie a video of Hudson? I'm dying to uncover what was this big secret that Hudson was hiding. Laynie and Hudson was al What a load of clusterfuck moments we had here. Laynie and Hudson was also dealing with this psychotic Celia who was set to destroy both of them. With so much drama going on, I wanted the secret to be something huge and epic.

Well, as it turn out it was not as epic as I had imagine, but it kinda make sense and it explains a lot. It makes me wanna reread Book 1 in a different view.

This started off with much sweetness and hotness. Laynie and Hudson was so in love. For once, Laynie wanted to come clean and she insist on transparency and trust. Hudson agreed. They both fully committed to each other.

This is what happens next. Even though how hard he tried to convince her that he loves her and nothing else matter, to Laynie everything matters. She wanted to get inside him and know everything about him. Well, they said curiosity kills the cat. It might just be true. Before I tried making this sounds like angst overload, there were lots of hotness and humor in it too.

Forever with You PDF Details

I will repeat once again, their sex scenes were freaking hot, no matter the location. I'm not. I know, I know, Hudson was at fault too. But from my perspective as Laynie's first person POV, she was overly suspicious and totally double standard in regards the Hudson.Rock Chick Reckoning 3 of 6. His lips on mine could erase all darkness, could soothe any pain. But hey here I am going back wanting to catch up on old series, so why not right?? Vanishing Girls 7 of 9. Celia is still breathing, sadly, and determined to wreak havoc and destroy their relationship.

This series can be read as a standalone, or with the Up in the Air series. The plot sizzles in the final book and the punches that are thrown are epic.