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EXAM 70-417 PDF

Friday, March 15, 2019

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Exam 70-417 Pdf

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Exam _Exam Questions - Test Questions - Practice Test - Practice Exam - Study Material - Study Guide – PDF Download - Training kit. Register for Exam and view official preparation materials to get hands-on experience with MCSA Windows Server skills. % Free MCSA ETE Files With Updated and Accurate Questions Training Courses & Practice Test PDF Questions For Passing Exam Quickly.

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Exam Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server

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No notes for slide. For More Information — Visit link below: You plan to create an image of Server1. You need to remove the source files for all server roles that are not installed on Server1. Which tool should you use? A Explanation: It replaces Package Manager Pkgmgr. The functionality that was included in these tools is now consolidated in one tool DISM. DISMcan Add, remove, and enumerate packages. The Ocsetup. Server1 has following storage spaces: Visit us athttp: You need to identify which storage space contains the new hard disk.

Which storage space contains the new disk? Primordial B. Data C. Backups D. Users Answer: All storage that meets acceptable criteria for Storage Spaces will be placed in the Primordial Pool. Thiscan be considered the default pool for devices from which any other pools will be created. Notice that there are no other virtual disks or pools at this point.

The Primordial Pool will only consist of physical storage devices that do not belong to any other pools. The domain contains a server named Server1.

Server1 runs Windows Server You create a group Managed Service Account named gservice1. You need to configure a service named Service1 to run as the gservice1 account.

How should you configure Service1? From a command prompt, run sc. From the Services console, configure the General settings. Sc config https: You want to achieve this goal by using the minimum amount of administrative effort.

What should you perform? An online servicing by using Dism B. An offline servicing by using Dism C. An upgrade installation of Windows Server R2 D. A clean installation of Windows Server R2 Answer: Not least effort B. Not least effort C. This tool has many features, but one of those features is the ability to upgrade the edition ofWindows in use. Note that this process is for upgrades only and is irreversible. You cannot set a Windowsimage to a lower edition.

If the server is running an evaluation version of Windows Server R2 Standard or Windows Server R2Datacenter, you can convert it to a retail version as follows: If the server is a domain controller, you cannot convert it to a retail version.

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In this case, install an additionaldomain controller on a server that runs a retail version and remove AD DS from the domain controller thatruns on the evaluation version. Make note of the edition ID, an abbreviated form of the edition name. The server will restart twice. The forest contains two domains named contoso.

The domains and the sites are configured as shown in following table. When the link between Site1 and Site2 fails, users fail to log on to Site2. You need to identify what prevents the users in Site2 from logging on to the child.

What should you identify? The placement of the infrastructure master B. The placement of the global catalog server C. The placement of the domain naming master D. The placement of the PDC emulator Answer: B Question: The forest contains five domain controllers.

The domain controllers are configured as shown in the following table. You need to configure DC5 as a global catalog server.

Active Directory Administrative Center B. Active Directory Users and Computers C. Active Directory Sites and Services D. Active Directory Domains and Trusts Visit us athttp: C Explanation: Active Directory Sites and Services can be used to Add or remove the global catalog read-only directory partitions from a domain controller in the site.

Confirm that all read-only directory partitions have been replicated to the new global catalog server. The forest contains a single domain named contoso. The domain contains four domain controllers. All domain controllers are DNS servers. You plan to deploy a new domain controller named DC5 in the contoso.

You need to identify which domain controller must be online to ensure that DC5 can be promoted successfully to a domain controller. Which domain controller should you identify? DC1 B. DC2 C. DC3 D. DC4 Answer: D Question: All domain controllers currently run Windows Server R2. The new domain controller will have the following configurations: Which two configurations should you identify?

Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two. Enable the global catalog server. Transfer the schema master. Install the Active Directory Certificate Services role.

Install the DNS Server role. B, C Explanation: ADCS and schema must be done separately.

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You promote Server1 to a domain controller. What should you do on Server1? Open the Netlogon. Run Get-DnsServerDiagnostics. Open the SrC.

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You can use a text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad, to view this file. The domain contains a member server named Server1 and a domain controller named DC2.

All servers run Windows Server R2. Click the Exhibit button. What should you do? On DC2 and Server1, run winrmquickconfig. On Server1, install the Feature Administration Tools. You need to install the feature administrations tools for the dhcp. The domain contains three servers named Server1, Server2, and Server3.

You create a server group named ServerGroup1. You discover the error message shown in the following exhibit. You need to ensure that Server2 can be managed remotely by using Server Manager. On Server2, run the netdom.

On Server2, run the net stop netlogon command, and then run the net start netlogon command. On Server2, modify the membership of the Remote Management Users group. D Explanation: This is a security issue. To be able to access Server2 remotely through Server Manager the user need to be a member of the Remote Management Users group.

Training Guide: Server Manager, p.

You need to provide administrators with the ability to manage the servers in the domain by using the Windows PowerShell Web Access gateway. Which two cmdlets should you run on Server1? Install PswaWebApplication B. Add PswaAuthorizationRule C.

Set-WSManlnstance D. Set-BCAuthentication Answer: Hyperlink reference not valid.. Both servers are member servers. On Server2, you install all of the software required to ensure that Server2 can be managed remotely from Server Manager. You need to ensure that you can manage Server2 from Server1 by using Server Manager.

Which two tasks should you perform on Server2? Run the Enable-PSRemotingcmdlet. Run the Configure-SMRemoting. Run the Set-ExecutionPolicycmdlet. Run the systempropertiesremote. B, D Explanation: To configure Server Manager remote management by using Windows PowerShell On the computer that you want to manage remotely, open a Windows PowerShell session with elevated user rights.

In the Windows PowerShell session, type the following, and then press Enter. You log on to Server1. You need to retrieve the IP configurations of Server2. Which command should you run from Server1? Windows Remote Management allows you to manage and execute programs remotely References: Exam Ref Installing and Configuring Windows Server Objective 4. Server1 contains three non-overlapping scopes named Scope1, Scope2, and Scope3. You modify the settings of Scope1 as shown in the exhibit.

What should you create? A connection request policy that has the Service Type condition C. A network policy that has the Identity Type condition D. A connection request policy that has the Identity Type condition Answer: The domain contains a server named Server1 that runs Windows Server R2. Server1 has the Network Policy Server role service installed.

You need to ensure that you can configure the VPN enforcement method on Server1 successfully. A computer certificate B. In most cases, those who want to take the exam already have day jobs that keep them busy. You will find it necessary to squeeze out as much time as possible from this busy day to train properly. In the event of a fail, one can retake it 14 days after the first attempt. Practice Exams: Last update: Download 25 Free Questions OR Guarantee your success by bying the full version which covers the full latest pool of questions.

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All storage that meets acceptable criteria for Storage Spaces will be placed in the Primordial Pool. The imagex. TheSecedit command B.