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The Legend of Drizzt is a series of fantasy novels by R. A. Salvatore, with the first title released Drizzt Do'Urden is the main character of most of the books. Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf (Companions Codex); Books Archmage; Maestro; the character's legacy, entitled The Collected Stories: The Legend of Drizzt. Drizzt Do'Urden is a fictional character in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the . Passage to Dawn, the final book in the Legacy of the Drow series and Drizzt Do'Urden has been featured in several accessories and one book for the. The books below are listed in internal chronological order. Except for the first six books, Drow ranger Drizzt Do'Urden, first introduced in More. Want to Read.

Drizzt Dourden Ebook

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Books shelved as drizzt-do-urden: Homeland by R.A. Salvatore, The Legacy by R.A. Salvatore, The Halfling's Gem by R.A. The Legacy (Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, #1; Legend of Drizzt, #7) by .. Maestro (Homecoming #2; The Legend of Drizzt #29) Archmage (Homecoming #1; The Legend of Drizzt # 28). *Servant of the Shard is also the first book of The Sellswords series The books that feature Drizzt as a primary character, listed in the. R. A. Salvatore returns with one of fantasy's most beloved and enduring icons. the dark elf Drizzt Do'Urden, in an all-new trilogy full of swordplay, danger, and . Start reading Timeless: A Drizzt Novel (Generations Book 1) on your Kindle in.

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The Legacy Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, 1; Legend of Drizzt, 7 by R. The Halfling's Gem Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, 3; Legend of Drizzt, 6 by R. Streams of Silver Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, 2; Legend of Drizzt, 5 by R.

The Lone Drow Forgotten Realms: Hunter's Blades, 2; Legend of Drizzt, 15 by R. Starless Night Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, 2; Legend of Drizzt, 8 by R. Sojourn Forgotten Realms: Exile Forgotten Realms: The Crystal Shard Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, 1; Legend of Drizzt, 4 by R.

Sea of Swords Forgotten Realms: Paths of Darkness, 4; Legend of Drizzt, 13 by R. The Thousand Orcs Forgotten Realms: Hunter's Blades, 1; Legend of Drizzt, 14 by R. The Two Swords Forgotten Realms: Hunter's Blades, 3; Legend of Drizzt, 16 by R.

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Siege of Darkness Forgotten Realms: Legacy of the Drow, 3; Legend of Drizzt, 9 by R. Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. It's nice to be back among friends, old and new. The journey twists and turns, and I do mean some unexpected turns. For me the most important area explored is the one between Drizzt and his father; remembering through a child's eyes and seeing through that of an adult.

We are also left with a precarious situation and we finally find out just who resurrected Zak.

Legend of Drizzt

Nope not telling you, read the book. I do wish the writer would get the Menzonberranzan bug out of his system. We have seen so many storylines about how some House is bringing the heretic down. Lilith would never sanction that since Drittz is the epitome of chaos. He may not be her champion, but he is still her favored. Plus we wouldn't have anymore books Not sure how felt about this book at first, a LOT of time spent not on Drizzt, but as the story progresses it makes sense.

I have come to realize, though Drizzt and the companions are the stars, the supporting cast are my favorite charecters, now. I covered many a high school assignment or desk with doodles of Drizzt's scimatars but now other charecters seem to have more allure, depth. Read the book in a day. My favorite series of all time, this book was excellent! I love the back stories and anything involving the underdark is always fun. Hardcover Verified download.

The houses of Menzoberranzan are at war. Now, Zaknafein, resurrected, will act in concert with the mercenary Jarlaxle in what promises to be a battle to the death.

Zaknafein must also define his feelings for his son, Drizzt, and his human wife, who is pregnant with what will be a child of mixed blood. But the battle rages, and it will take all the efforts of Zak, Drizzt, and Jarlaxle to keep the goddess Lolth's ambitions at bay.

With the help of other Allies, the three will begin their quest. I enjoyed reading "Timeless" The characters are well-developed, although there are a lot to keep track of. The story is exciting and fast-paced.

I look forward to the next book. After the last Drizzt book.. I was happy and sad at the ending.. And this book delivered for me In spades.. Thank you RA Salvatore! This book had things that I have been hoping to read for 20 years!

Wonderful build up that leads into a very action filled storyline. Too bad we have to wait because the action is really on overkill there is so much going on in the last 5 chapters. Reuniting Zak, Driz, Jar and all the gang is really trully bringing acttion pack fighters together so I am look forward to the other 2 books for this series.

It felt like forever waiting for this book to come out. I greaty anticipated the return of Zak, Drizzts father.

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But to be honest I didn't expect him to be so repulsive towards the friends of Drizzt, especially his wife and soon to be child, even though Ask almost killed Frizzy when he believed frizzy killed the eleven child. Although I expect and hope! It took what, a year and a half from when Hero came out for this to come? Hopefully it doesn't take that long for the next.

Five years passed, with Wulfgar indentured to the dwarves. Bruenor taught him to smith and mine, and came to love him like a son. Though Wulfgar originally resented the dwarves and his indenture, he came to respect and even love Bruenor, like the father that had died years past. During this same time, the failed wizard Akar Kessel, left to die in the Spine of the World , found Crenshinibon, the Crystal Shard, a magical, sentient crystal with the ability to lend power to its wielder, make tower sanctuaries in the likeness of itself, and insinuate itself into the minds of others, including that of its wielder.

All 30+ Legend of Drizzt Books in Order

Crenshinibon, obsessed with gaining power, twisted Akar Kessel's mind to get him to do its will. Kessel, with no idea that he was being controlled, decided to conquer Icewind Dale for his own.


He enslaved the goblins and orcs of the nearby mountains, building them into his own army, their wills completely destroyed by Crenshinibon. He even managed to gain control of Heafstaag, and through him the tribes of barbarians. He also acquired the services of a balor demon named Errtu to be his general, though it was far more interested in sticking around long enough to get his hands on Crenshinibon than anything else.

Near the end of Wulfgar's indenture, Bruenor forged Aegis-fang, the magical warhammer, for his adopted son. He then took Wulfgar to be trained in the ways of battle, choosing Drizzt as the young man's instructor.

Wulfgar was ambivalent when he saw that his teacher was a drow, but quickly came to respect and admire the dark elf.

Drizzt turned the young man into a formidable warrior. The two of them took out an entire lair of verbeeg the least of the giant species, around a height of ten feet , led by a frost giant named Biggrin with only the help of Drizzt's magical black panther companion Guenhwyvar.

Wulfgar then left to hunt down a white dragon , Ingeloakastimizilian , more commonly known as Icingdeath. Drizzt tracked him, and the two of them killed the dragon.

All 30+ Legend of Drizzt Books in Order

Drizzt found a scimitar in the treasure hoard, and took it for his own, eventually naming it after the dragon. As Akar Kessel moved in on Ten-Towns, his armies sweeping aside the disorganized defense with little trouble, Wulfgar took the horns of Icingdeath and challenged Heafstaag for kingship.Charon's Claw by R.

Shelve The Lone Drow. Want to Read saving…. Shelve The Last Threshold. Archived from the original on January 16, In the final book of the 4 New York Times best-s… More.