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If you need a alpha male challenge the 10 week plan to burn fat, you can download them in pdf format from our file format that can be downloaded. Alpha Male Challenge The 10 Week Plan To Burn Fat. Page 1. Page 2. alpha male challenge the 10 week plan to burn fat alpha male challenge the pdf. Page 2. --The Psychology of an Alpha Male Chapter 2: What Are the Characteristics of an .. An Alpha Male Always Poses a Challenge for Women: He doesn't run after.

Alpha Male Challenge Pdf

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Men are losing their masculinity. Guys are urged to get in touch with their " feminine" side at the expense of the traditional attributes that make men "male. Alpha Male Challenge: The Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle & Build True Alpha Attitude is a guide that will help men to become more successful in every. Alpha Male Challenge The 10 Week Plan To Burn Fat Gain Muscle Build True Alpha Mark Viii Fuse Panel Diagram, Vga Cable Diagram Pdf, Histoire Du Xixe .

And, ultimately, women are another resource to us. Survival has gotten quite a bit easier since those early days. But do you think that our technological progress of the last century cancels out thousands of years of evolution that quickly? Do you think that we might still carry genes that demand that we do whatever is necessary to get our genes into the next generation of humans?

You bet your ass we do. All your Nintendos and Plasma Screen televisions are just more sophisticated entertainment. Technology is actually nothing more than the toys that make you feel the illusion of success in your nervous system. The cooler gadgets you have, the less desire you have to go out and pursue your real passions in life.

You NEED to achieve. Winning is everything. Winning in your personal life, spiritual life, professional life, sex life Winning is all that matters. The ones who reap the gold are those that have the armor to withstand a little battle Is there any area more important to men?

Your ability to seduce women is a power and product of your skills at persuasion, sales, dominance, self-development — hell, right on down to dieting and dressing right. Tired of books that give you a bunch of great information but no way to really use it?

This book will provide Alpha Strategies, those goals you should consider part of your progress towards becoming a stronger Alpha. These are the practical actions you can take in real situations. You will also see Alpha Exercises to get you moving in the right direction.

Take the time to do them, for your own good. I can make you feel good all day, but what we both want is for you get more success with women — and life — as an Alpha Man. The difference between the guys who get some and those who get none is made when you stop and take the time to do the work. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. I believe that all men have done and achieved throughout history has been an offshoot of our drive to survive and succeed for women.

Our mating drive is what pushes us to do the things we must.

Coaching the Alpha Male

What comes first is making you the Alpha Man you are capable of being, and then all those hot chicks will just line up for you. Become the man first, and the women will follow. Not the other way around. Let me state this for the record: No action works on a woman unless it comes from the belief system of an Alpha Man.

Because of his belief system.

The confident, Alpha Man comes across with a congruency that insecure and most average guys do not have. Congruency means that their actions and words appear to match their inner beliefs. More on this in a bit. I used to believe it was egotistical and self-absorbed to talk about yourself, and I felt self-conscious of it. What I realize now is that life requires us to expose ourselves and take those risks. In the late part of , I lost my mother to cancer. It first showed up in her parotid glands, and she was treated by surgery and radiation therapy that left her without the ability to produce saliva.

Later, the cancer returned in her spine. Again, they treated with radiation, and that seemed to stop the progression. However, in July of , a test had come back showing the disease had spread to her lungs and liver. She was put on a chemotherapy treatment immediately. Unlike most treatments, this did not leave her feeling nauseous or any of the other harsh side-effects normally associated with chemotherapy.

She felt hopeful that the treatments were effective, but this was to be short-lived. Her next test showed that the cancer had not been stopped. She was given a lifespan of no more than 5 years, according to the doctors, but they were unwilling to make any estimation regarding the sickness or her ability to overcome it.

Five years actually shortened down to just three months. Her father — my grandfather — who had fallen ill around the same time, also died two days later. A few months later, my grandmother on the other side of the family passed away. Around this same period in my life, I had lost many of my close friends as well, due to relocation out of the area. Shortly after the death of my mother and grandfather, I fell into what some might call a slight depression. I did what I could to work through the issues and keep a positive outlook, but I found myself without enthusiasm or passion.

It was like the life had been sucked right out of me. The relationship I had with my girlfriend came to an end about this same time.

Then, my best friend married and moved about 40 miles away. Sounds like quite a bit of hardship, eh? I tell you this story not to depress you, or to gain your sympathy or pity.

After that experience, I pulled my energy together into writing these e-books and starting this company dedicated to bringing you the best information for getting success with women. Survival is our only imperative. Your willingness to do what it takes to stay alive is what ultimately has the most positive affect on the generations that follow you, because your actions ensure that they will get to prosper.

More on this later. And the beauty about being a man — a human man — is that you can choose to be an Alpha Man. We are the only species on this planet that is capable of massively altering its own destiny. We can choose who we want to be. Other animals must settle for their status at birth, and they do not deviate from their natural course. We have the power of reason and thought, and that allows you to break from the mold of mere genetics.

I believe that we may not be able to change our entire species, but we can consciously change ourselves. There are some things that your genetic blueprint has decided for you, but there are others that have not.

These are the ones we can change. Reach down, and grab your balls. Those are figuratively and literally everything about being a man. In other words, most men cop out to the "I don't want to have to do X, Y, and Z to get a woman interested," and then they'll act self-righteous about how much better they are for not "playing all those games.

Hey, I used to say the same thing. I used to believe that Damn it, I'm going to just be myself and not have to do all these lines and magic tricks, and women will want me for who I am.

I'm here to tell you that a woman does not want you for who you are, but who she imagines you can be for her. A woman does not love the man, but she loves the man that makes her feel that she is special and unique. You see, your friends do not want you solely for the person you are but the enjoyment that you bring into their lives.

When a person becomes more of a pain than a pleasure, you avoid them. Let me say it one more time, simply: People only love you for how you make them feel. No one is loved based strictly on their own value, but the value they transfuse to others.

They are loved for the feelings they instill in the people around them. So you must learn how to be true to yourself, but selectively present those parts of you that make other people feel good about themselves.

Sound complicated? I recently took an online test that determines my particular dating profile. Now, we all know that what women say they want and what they actually respond to are often different things, but how's this for an assumption: If I am what they say they want, then why not also demonstrate the attraction qualities they need and win from both sides?

Product description

That's what all these skills and techniques are here for, gentlemen. Because the real problem in dating and seduction isn't that we men aren't good enough for them in any real way. Like their male counterparts, most powerful women follow distinct behavioral patterns—but these patterns can be harder to recognize. When dealing with female leaders, you need to look for telling signs, just as you do with alpha males.

Coming across as more affirming and validating than male alphas, they can lull their direct reports into believing that all is well when it is not. Female leaders are less comfortable with conflict, while alpha males thrive on it. This indirect style of communication is often misinterpreted by male peers; in fact, some of our female clients have been accused by peers of being political and having hidden agendas.

A woman leader should be aware that her indirect style can engender distrust among certain kinds of men. What she calls diplomacy, he calls politics. Then why do so many of them need executive coaches? Independent and action oriented, alphas take extraordinarily high levels of performance for granted, both in themselves and in others. Their impatience can cause them to miss subtle but important details. Alphas, moreover, have opinions about everything, and they rarely admit that those opinions might be wrong or incomplete.

Early in life, alphas realize that they are smarter than most people, smarter perhaps than even their parents and teachers; as adults they believe that their insights are unique and so put complete faith in their instincts. As a result, coworkers get intimidated, which makes learning from alphas difficult. The more pressure an alpha feels to perform, the more he tends to shift his leadership style from constructive and challenging to intimidating or even abusive.

Organizations become dysfunctional when people avoid dealing with a difficult alpha and instead work around him or simply pay him lip service. They rely on exhaustive data to reach business conclusions but often make snap judgments about other people, which they hold on to tenaciously.

The more executive authority alphas achieve, the more pressure they feel and the more pronounced their faults can become. The coaching process can make them feel unproductive and out of control. For the alpha, that distinction is of paramount importance. In , Dell embodied the corporate alpha archetype; its tough culture was all about getting results.

But as the company matured and the tech industry faced its worst downturn, then CEO Michael Dell and president Kevin Rollins felt a need to change how the organization achieved its industry-leading results. They wanted to improve teamwork between the two of them and other senior executives, and they aimed to develop a more mature and welcoming corporate culture. Michael and Kevin were respected throughout the organization for their intellectual acumen and superior judgment.

But they were also considered demanding and, at times, intimidating. Not surprisingly, most general managers at Dell were cut from the same cloth and exhibited classic alpha leadership styles. Given their deeply analytic natures, Michael and Kevin began the change process by collecting data—inviting us in to conduct degree interviews across the entire Dell executive team.

This was not the first time that Dell had engaged us in executive coaching, but it was a more intense and focused process, driven by extraordinary commitment from the top. Receiving critical feedback is never easy, but at Dell it has become an important part of the culture.

Michael and Kevin set an example for other leaders by accepting difficult messages from their team and making visible commitments to the coaching and improvement process. The feedback helped Kevin realize that his image as overly critical and opinionated was hindering his ability to inspire the organization. In his efforts to help his general managers improve their business performance, he was making it difficult for them to appreciate his input.

Through the process, he learned that his people found him hard to read and craved more direct feedback. Michael and Kevin also received feedback that tension between the two of them was causing anxiety in the executive team—something no one had been willing to tell them previously.

Michael gave Kevin a smiling toy bulldozer and asked Kevin to place it on his desk whenever he felt Michael was trying to plow over him. Alpha Coaching Traps Like most alphas, Michael and Kevin needed help to step outside the constraints of their style and see themselves as others do.

But alphas require a certain kind of coaching.

The executive coach best suited to alphas has lots of experience handling superstars and standing up to bullies. After all, thinks the alpha, the kind of person who becomes an executive coach is far too nice and touchy-feely to ever understand what it really takes to deliver results. If an alpha believes his coach plans to turn him into an oversensitive wimp which he knows better than anyone is the last thing his organization needs!

A second trap coaches fall into is excessive secrecy. Coaches understandably want to maintain a high degree of confidentiality during their work. Some think that the way to get an alpha to open up is to reassure him that no one else in the organization will find out about his vulnerabilities.

By attempting to protect the client, a coach can unwittingly create an organizational black hole: Much effort goes into it; nothing ever seems to come out. And only by talking openly about his commitment to change can the alpha turn around the pervasive organizational distrust he has created.

Coworkers must be included in the coaching process because lasting improvement requires the entire system to evolve.

But as much as coworkers may have hated the behavior the alpha is learning to modify, at least it was predictable. This can be terribly unsettling to colleagues unless they are included in the coaching process. Possessing both intimidating personalities and genuine power, alphas expect the world to show them appropriate deference. But coaches should avoid the third trap—kowtowing—at all costs. This can be the difference between establishing a constructive relationship or an irrelevant one.

George is a typical alpha male. Over the past 14 years, we have refined the process of coaching alphas to account for their personality quirks and help them see why they need to change their behavior. Get his attention. We let the data shape our questions. Is he vague? Does he not listen? Does he fail to share information? Then we ask about the impact of his poor communication skills: How does his rapid-fire style affect your work? A degree assessment is a wake-up call for most alphas.

Demand his commitment. Because he is both practical and driven, if you can show him an easier way to produce immediate results, he will typically embrace it. We clarify his intention with two simple questions: Do you want to change? Speak his language. Since alphas think in charts, graphs, and metrics, for maximum impact, we present our data that way—in alphaspeak.

We turn the feedback collected from degree interviews into metrics and then inundate the alpha with quantitative data to make sure he values the information enough to act on it. He immediately can see his areas of strength highlighted in green and the areas requiring improvement in red.

Communicating in Alphaspeak Hit him hard enough to hurt. After delivering the degree feedback in graphical form, we review and discuss the verbatim comments from his coworkers, organized into competencies and themes. Many alphas have been dishing out feedback with a two-by-four throughout their careers, and our process turns the tables on them.

We regulate the level of pain, keeping it high enough to get their full attention but also presenting the changes as attainable. This is the point at which lip service frequently gives way to genuine understanding. I just never understood until now how bad it was. I just never understood how bad it was. Engage his curiosity and competitive instincts. Blunt feedback invariably triggers defensiveness.

The alpha generally believes that everyone else gets defensive, whereas he simply speaks the truth. We point out signs of his own defensiveness and show him how this mind-set prevents him from learning. Another alpha metric tool, the Defensiveness-Openness Scale, has proven highly effective in engaging the competitive instincts of alpha leaders. Asking the alpha to monitor his own defensiveness motivates him to see how quickly he can catch himself and shift into a more open frame of mind.

How Defensive Are You? When coaching an alpha client, we focus on five goals that will help him become a motivational leader of high-performing teams. Admit vulnerability. In our experience, when an alpha admits he is afraid or asks for help, the impact on his team is profoundly positive. So it is a key milestone when an alpha expresses a fear or exposes a vulnerability. Disclosing their imperfections was an uncomfortable stretch for them, but that action humanized them in the eyes of the team and made them more inspirational to the rest of the organization.

Knowing the changes my colleagues are attempting to make in their leadership styles also makes it easier for me to point out behaviors that irk me. After someone discloses that he periodically lobs grenades into meetings but intends to stop, we all have permission to call him on it.

And we do. Some people might want to settle the score, others may be expecting the alpha to finally acknowledge all their hard work, and some may even want the soap opera to continue. Public disclosure helps clear the air, enabling the entire organization to move forward. The stronger and more dominant the executive, the more powerful the impact of disclosure.

Accept accountability. But if it happens three times—if, say, the same individual misses three deadlines or three different people miss significant deadlines—then the alpha must take some responsibility and ask himself what he should be doing differently.

Presentations that take too long to get to the point are a pet peeve of alphas, who often read ahead, assume they already understand the key points, and interrupt presenters before they can communicate their information adequately. We help the alpha distinguish between blaming and claiming his share of the responsibility.

When he feels the need to criticize an approach or process, we encourage him instead to contribute his own ideas.For them, being in charge delivers such a thrill, they willingly take on levels of responsibility most rational people would find overwhelming.

[PDF] Alpha Male Challenge: The Week Plan to Burn Fat, Gain Muscle Build True Alpha Attitude

Non- verbally, alpha males can say a lot just by their facial expressions or through their eyes, which is a very good skill to employ during awkward conversations. Asking the alpha to monitor his own defensiveness motivates him to see how quickly he can catch himself and shift into a more open frame of mind.

There are very specific cues that leaders use, and followers respond to. By your later years, you should have been investing and planning a little for the later part of your life. Failure is not an option for him, he will try and try and work harder every time to achieve success.