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Pocket atlas of radiographic anatomy / Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif.—2nd ed., rev. and Despite the introduction of digital radiography, the process of obtaining. 10 Interventional Radiology Visit for more great products and special offers. .. elegant brain atlas while the disorder module. Radiology. September. I. Book. Review_______________________. Atlas of Radiologic. Anatomy. 5th ed. Edited by Lothar. Wicke,. MD, FICA. Malvern.

Radiology Atlas Pdf

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Vascular & Interventional Radiology Handbook Department of Radiology Interior of skull showing foramina (Atlas of Human Anatomy, 4th edition, Plate 11) . Radiography of the musculoskeletal system / authors: A. Mark C1 (atlas) may be fractured by a vertical force acting through the skull. The WHO manual of diagnostic imaging: radiographic anatomy and . (ICRE) of the International Society of Radiology (ISR) is creating a series of “WHO.

This book is a must have for any MR department where in the clinical world we can never have too many texts. It can be found referenced as a source for further reading in other recently produced MRI publications. Weir, P. Abrahams, 3rd ed.

Belli, M. Hourihan, N. Moore, P. Owen contributors ; Mosby, pp. Simulation of radiotherapy patients relies on a thorough knowledge of bony anatomy and its relation to soft tissue structures.

It is also essential at this stage to accurately interpret CT and MR images provided for diagnostic and staging purposes. This imaging atlas is most useful, as radiographs, CT and MR scans are all incorporated in one book, providing a ready reference.

The radiographers and clinical oncologists responsible for identifying and outlining these volumes and structures have found this book particularly helpful.

The image labelling is extremely clear and comprehensive, with alphabetical listing consistent through multiple images for ease of comparison. It has been suggested that CT and MR slices of the same level side by side would be very useful. It would also be helpful to see more sagittal and coronal slices represented on the same page giving multiple views of the same structure.

Although some pages do contain different types of images these are not of areas that are useful for radiotherapy planning.

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As this book was obviously not designed to be used solely for radiotherapy planning, these criticisms are niggles about an otherwise very good book. Our mould room radiographers who simulate and create treatment plans have commented that the head and neck section is clear, ample and very helpful in their work. They particularly complimented the sagittal MR images.

In common with other staff they wished CT and MR images could be viewed side by side. It may be a few years before a new edition is due out but perhaps this could be considered at that time.

The chest radiographic findings in emphysema may be divided into four types: hyperinflation, vascular change, bullae, and increased markings. Hyperinflation and vascular change are the usual predominant finding, with hyperinflation reflecting functional abnormality and vascular change reflecting lung destruction. Hyperinflation is indicated by a number of signs, e.

Bullae are common and diagnostic in the presence of the above mentioned findings.

The emphysemas: Radiologicpathologic correlations. Radiographics ; Pugatch RD. The radiology of emphysema, Clin Chest Med , Simon G. Radiology and emphysema. Clin Radiol ; Thurlbeck WM, Simon G. Radiographic appearance of the chest in emphysema. American Journal of Roentgenology ;, If multiple, consider possibility of septic emboli. Bacterial lung abscess generally form a thick-walled cavity with a shaggy inner lining. The wall may be thick at first, but with further necrosis and coughing up of necrotic material it becomes thinner.

David Sutton.


Text book of radiology and imaging 7th edn , Churchill Livingstone ; 1 Hood MR. Bacterial diseases of the lung. Philadelphia, Pa: Lea and Febiger; ; A hiatus hernia appears as a round soft-tissue mass often containing either gas or an air-fluid level behind the heart, usually to the left of the midline in the posterior mediastinum.

The larger hernias can also contain small intestine, colon and liver. The diagnosis is readily confirmed by a lateral film, or a barium meal, which shows the stomach above the diaphragm. The diagnosis is also often confirmed by CT which shows the contrast medium-filled stomach above the diaphragm surrounding fatty tissue.


With large paraesophageal hernias, the stomach not infrequently undergoes organoaxial rotation and may, therefore contain two air-fluid levels. Text book of radiology and imaging 7th edn.

Churchill Livingstone; ; Peter Armstrong. Imaging of diseases of the chest 3rd edn ; Tuberculous mediastinal lymphadenopathy.

Superior mediastinal widening is seen due to tuberculous lymphadenopathy. Inhomogeneous shadowing seen in right upper and mid zones due to tuberculous infiltrates. Inhomogeneous opacities seen in right upper and mid zones arrow with right hilar lymphadenopathy. Nodular opacities seen in the right upper zone with mediastinal lymphadenopathy on the right side arrow. Patchy infiltration visible in the left mid zone along with widening of the superior mediastinum due to lymphadenopathy.

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Right sided mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Bilateral tuber- culous infiltration and mediastinal lymphadenopathy.

Fibrocavitatory lesions in the right upper zone due to tuberculosis arrow. Bilateral emphysematous changes with narrow tubular heart shadow. Consolidation of the right lower lobe is also seen due to secondary bacterial infection.

A Miliary mottling more on left side. Hilar and superior mediastinal lymphadenopathy is also apparent. B An enlarged view showing miliary mottling.Anatomie der Schulter- Fundamentals of Pediatric Imaging, 2nd Edition.

Pleural calcification and calcified lymph nodes at the right hilum. Cyst is usually located in middle or lower zone. Siemens and Philips.